Norm pushing education; Josh talks primary costs

Norm Leahy is asking a lot of “ifs” of Bob McDonnell lately. First, when it comes to SOL reform

“If, truly, Bob McDonnell wants to make education reform a signature issue of this campaign, he could do far worse than exposing the SOLs for what they really are: expensive charades that tell us only how well a child can successfully complete a bubble test within the allotted time.”

He then reprises this paragraph when discussing what NJ GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie is proposing:

“If McDonnell truly wants to make education reform a signature issue, I’m all for that. But he would be well advised to see what Christie is proposing in New Jeresy. That’s what reform looks like.”

Norm is pushing for a “Big Idea” to rally around for McDonnell. Could education be it?

Unrelated, Josh at Virginia Conservative has an interesting post up on the difference between primaries and conventions…in terms of cost.

I believe that the high cost to turnout ratio, coupled with the relatively low voter interest (4.2% turnout in the city and 3% in the county) and potential crossover voting, make a strong argument in favor of nominating conventions (like the Republicans did) as opposed to primaries (like the Democrats did). After all, who should foot the bill for party nominations? Should it be the party faithful who willing give up both their time and money to participate in these functions? Or should it be the average Virginia taxpayer, most of who don’t give 2¢ about whom the parties nominate?

Of course, Josh, Democrats are all too happy for Republicans to bear some of the cost for their future voter ID lists.

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