Democratic wasteful spending extends to campaigns

We consistently harp on this blog about wasteful spending by liberals (which occasionally includes some Republicans), but in a new twist, that “throw money at it” attitude, which has generally been reserved to the actual governing, has now filtered into the campaign.

Typically, during campaign season, every penny matters to Democrats, and they try to be effective with their efforts. Not so this go around.

During this silly season (which has started WAY early because of the efforts “No” Common Sense Virginia), it appears Democrats have frittered away approximately $3 million.

According to Daily Kos, negatives for the Democratic candidates are way up.

Despite the Democratic Governors Association’s efforts to tear down McDonnell, the Republican has a 56% favorable rating, which outpaces all three Democratic gubernatorial candidates by at least 8 points.

Additionally, Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran have a net negative favorability rating and only Deeds is positive. Even so, Deeds’ net rating is only +2. McDonnell’s net is +22, which is even better than President Obama’s.

Keep spending the money DGA…it’s working, for McDonnell!