Official convention results released from RPV

Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has released the official numbers from this past week’s convention:

Lieutenant Governor- Weighted Total: 10522.69
Bill Bolling: 8799.08
Patrick Muldoon: 1723.61

Attorney General- Weighted Total: 10521.38
Ken Cuccinelli: 5980.31
John Brownlee: 3861.46
Dave Foster: 679.61

State Party Chair- Weighted Total: 10524.01
Pat Mullins: 7346.77
Bill Stanley: 3177.24

*The Gubernatorial nomination was uncontested so no vote was taken.

β€œThe fact that Republicans from across the Commonwealth would unite to vote so overwhelmingly for our chosen nominees underscores the strength of our ticket and clearly outlines the reality that Republicans are going to work together to achieve victory in November,” said RPV Chairman Pat Mullins.

  • Jim Hewitt

    A great RPV convention with equally amazing results! We took a stand and voted for the best ticket for this fall’s election. We are unified and ready to support our candidates…Bob McDonnell for Governor, Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor and Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General! They stand for pro-jobs and pro-growth. They have positive campaigns that push for what is best for Virginia! Not just for Republicans but for all Virginians…combined these three gentlemen have 43 years of public service. They know what our Commonwealth needs…and that is renewed optimism, a strong economy that will create a true “welfare to work” environment and the courage to lead by example and not kowtow to the demands of the Oval Office! We need them as OUR next representatives in Richmond! They are ready to lead if WE are ready to win!!!

  • Clete Shultz

    A great convention. However, I don’t think there’s any benefit in revealing the vote count. Obviously, it hurts some outstanding candidates. Even those candidates not nominated would make outstanding candidates in this or any other race. Why did you do that anyway, Pat Mullins? πŸ™

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