Deeds – it’s still him, but let’s get real…

As you know, this blog feels that Creigh Deeds offers Democrats their best opportunity to compete against Bob McDonnell this November. For all the reasons I stated on Tuesday, I still believe it today.

But let’s get real.

I’ve been observing some interesting things going on in the press with their new found love affair with Deeds (or maybe that they actually have a horse race), and some well-placed Republican officials are giving themselves “high-fives.”


Well, how quickly we forget.

It was no more than two years ago when Deeds left his small law firm to join Hirschler and Fleischer P.C. so that he could make a living while running for governor. At the time, this was questioned because the law firm actively lobbies the General Assembly…a no-no when it comes to ethics laws.

This move brought forth a firestorm of criticism where Deeds eventually succumbed to “public perception” and switched to a new law firm…not necessarily because it was the ethical thing to do.

Then, there is the little matter last year of Deeds being involved in a questionable judicial appointment.

Is Deeds the guy Dems should choose? Perhaps.

Is he flawless? Not quite. And Republican operatives who have been researching him for years know it.

With that, here’s the man’s latest ad: