Brian Schweitzer: “Cause That’s How It Happened To Me!”

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has decided to inject himself into the race for the Democratic nomination for Governor by endorsing Terry McAuliffe.  Schweitzer isn’t just the Governor of Montana, no, he’s also the head of the Democratic Governor’s Association, the out of state group behind the carpetbagging paper tiger Common Sense Virginia.

But what’s especially interesting is that Schweitzer, well, he has some pretty interesting thoughts on out of state organizations that try and influence in state politics:

Do we need a big shot out of Montana using nationwide contributions to tell us how to run our business in Virginia?

(h/t Tertium Quids)

  • The only elections this November are Virginia and New Jersey governors. Face it; Virginia is going to get a TON of money from out of state organizations this year.

  • And some are going to go the proper route and through candidates who can best use that cash to help advance an agenda that helps Virginia’s families. Others are going to form PACs to force their out of state agenda on Virginians.

    While I do find it unfortunate that Terry McAuliffe has raised more than 80% of his money from out of state, at least it’s straight to a campaign grounded in Virginia (ideally) to use it instead of those individuals forming a paper tiger PAC that exists only to promote their own agenda that runs contrary to the wishes Virginia’s working families.

  • But Virginia and New Jersey are ALWAYS the only elections the year after the Presidential race.

    Why is it that this time the out-of-state unions are so focused?

  • It is interesting that so many national figures are involved this year. It certainly hasn’t been this way in years past.

    Perhaps they feel Virginia is somehow in play again with the Obama electoral victory?

    Is it because Warner, Allen, Gilmore and Kaine have played on the national stage?

    Is it because Virginia is a battleground over energy policy?

    Or, is it because Bob McDonnell is such a critic of “card check” and an advocate of Virginia’s right to work laws and the unions want to knock him out?

  • They see McDonnell as a threat. The man has great credentials along with a full-spectrum conservative message that appeals to the vast number of conservative independents accross this country.

    If the GOP wins in Virginia with the message that McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli is putting forward. Then the great Carvillian liberal lie about America moving to the left will be proven untrue. This is something that the Democratic establishment simply cannot afford.

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