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Obama reverses another campaign stand

Barack Obama told Senators this week that he is willing to tax health benefits (Seattle [1])

I screamed “OH MY GOD!!!!” Do campaigns matter anymore? Watch this Obama campaign ad where he absolutely attacks McCain for the same idea. (video [2])

Obama’s ad says “Here’s what he’s not telling you” when it reveals the plan to tax health benefits. I just bet America didn’t know the “he” was Obama himself.

Obama’s “Change we can believe in” is quickly becoming “change from everything I said last year.”

Last year, Obama comes out strong against any plan to tax health care, and now he’s ready to launch the health care tax himself?

Is anyone in the coddle-media going to call him on all these reversals and false advertising? If Obama’s campaign was a private business, the FTC would probably shut him down.

If a Republican broke a campaign promise like this, it would be front page, every newspaper, and talking heads on CNN and MSNBC would be blasting him, and rightly so.

But Obambi gets his daily media coddle as he jets around the world handing out his new business cards that say “Leader of the free world and owner of GM.”