Nancy Reagan: Obama blew it

So much for Obama as a brilliant, almost Reaganesque, politician.

Nancy Reagan, who has seen as well as anyone how the master worked, doesn’t think Obama carries the mantle that well.

Case in point – stem cell research. When Obama held the announcement he was reversing the ban on federal funding for it, he didn’t invite Nancy.

“I would have gone, and you know I don’t like to travel,” she told Vanity Fair. “Politically it would have been a good thing for him to do. Oh, well, nobody’s perfect. He called and thanked me for working on it. But he could have gotten more mileage out of it.”(Vanity Fair)

Thinking back to the many photo ops with Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and President Reagan, I immediately saw the brilliance in Nancy’s statement.

Speechmaking is one thing. Tactical checkmates is another, and even in 2009, Ronald Reagan stands tall over B. Hussein Obama.

  • novamiddleman

    This is the kind of backward looking thinking that serves no purpose. Get over it man its 20+ years ago

  • Sort of, NMM.

    I felt that at this weekend’s convention, the name “Reagan” was invoked far too much. I think at this point, Reagan would be better served to have his policies advocated and acted upon, than people just paying him lip service.

    That said, Nancy Reagan is still alive, still looked up to by a great many people – not just Republicans, has been an outspoken spokesperson for stem cell research, and could enable Obama to transcend his talk of bipartisanship and actually appear to walk as a bipartisan.

    I can see Brian’s point pretty clearly. It’s less about Reagan, more about how Obama missed an opportunity.

  • novamiddleman

    ok I think I finally got you guys sort of figured out
    I’m more of a JR Hoeft person It ts is a dcent point overall
    Nice post on Deeds

    The question now is how can Republicans use this same tactic
    There are plenty of blue dogs we should be able to align with and going back to Deeds at the state level there are plenty of issues that the senate could align with him on plus a few other democrats to get stuff done as well.

  • Pete

    Why would Obama invite Nancy Reagan? She’s an old white woman. Now if she was black/latino/mexican etc etc etc she’d be sitting right there…. Sad, but TRUE.

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