Deeds for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination

Deeds scares me.

A mere 150-plus voters switching their preference from Bob McDonnell to Creigh Deeds in 2005 and we’d be talking about Attorney General Deeds and Del. Bob McDonnell. In fact, McDonnell would probably just be running for attorney general again…if he could have even won the nomination this year.

Oh…how quickly Democrats forget.

But this is what “special interests” gets you in a party that is most prone to union-influence and the cult of personality.

Instead of remembering just how close Deeds came, Democrats are more than happy to go careening off the cliff next Tuesday.

Their most likely candidate show’s just how prone to “star power” they are.

They have completely fallen for Terry McAuliffe’s ability to raise buckets of money and his slick campaigning shtick, regardless of the fact that he hasn’t governed or legislated a thing in his life.

McAuliffe’s big policy initiative is chicken shit.

Seriously…he wants to convert chicken waste into an energy source. (By the way, I think it’s a good idea, but it’s not one I would base my vote on).

McAuliffe also would have the taxpayer stroke him a check and he’ll go spend it.

Yep…he wants the executive branch to have more dollars so that he can use that money to attract more business investment in the commonwealth. It’s the whole “spend money to make money” concept. It might work, but only Terry can turn $180k into millions, right?

But if it’s not personality, Democrats snuggle-up to the left-wing special interest groups that would rather knee-cap commonsense principles; for these moonbats, their champion is Brian Moran.

With Moran’s environmental policies, there probably will be regulations eventually imposed in his administration on how much a person can breathe or fart…after all, you’re spewing noxious CO2 and methane into our precious atmosphere.

His policies are litany of restrictions – no coal, no oil, no nuclear. What are we going to use to move our economy? If Moran were elected, our economy literally will be in the Stone Age!

But I will give Moran credit…at least he knows that US-58 runs by the Great Dismal Swamp. The bottom-line for him is that the former House Caucus chair has been here and worked the trenches…so, it’s funny to see how quickly those who claim to be loyal are betraying him for the cult-of-personality. In many ways, I feel bad for Brian.

But not that bad: sympathy only goes so far with his environmental and economic extremism.

But back to Deeds.

The guy is prudent.

He has over a half-million cash on hand. He’s rising in the polls. He nearly defeated McDonnell. He’s been endorsed by the Washington Post. And he’s pragmatic.

Let’s face it, Deeds tack to the left for this campaign just isn’t washing with the base because they know he isn’t…they know this is the same candidate who received the NRA endorsement over McDonnell last go around and understands that coal has to be part of the energy solution.

But it’s a shame Democrats do feel this way because if, God forbid, McDonnell isn’t elected this November 3, Virginia could survive with Creigh Deeds as governor.

But Democrats aren’t practical…so I’m glad the above won’t happen.

Therefore, I’m looking forward to the campaign against one of the two M’s! At least I know I’ll have material for the next five months!

  • kelley in virginia

    but terry McA has tons of money raising ability & can get big names to campaign. the claim that he is a “carpetbagger” won’t work because so many people in Virginia now are not actually Virginia-born. terry loves to campaign & is really good at it.

    i fear terry the most.

    moran i fear the least.

    deeds would be formidable if he could get the whole left-wing obama machine behind him. would he pander to them? don’t know.

  • I don’t fear McAuliffe at all – he will be so easy to stereotype and beat. Deeds lost in a razor thin battle with McDonnell four years ago and ALOT has changed since then int he Virginia political landscape. Deeds is to be feared, but I just don’t see him winning. That is great news for McDonnell.

    And Moran? Boy, I’ve never seen such an utter electoral implosion. McAuliffe simply rattled him to the core. McAuliffe’s newfound love for Virginia (ha ha) was the best thing to happen to the GOP in this state in a long time.

  • Creigh Deeds is the Democratic candidate that I am most concerned about.

    I remember watching my local news station in 2005, not knowing as much about the AG race, and saw both McDonnell and Deeds give an answer to the question of prayer in public schools. McDonnell rightly cited the first amendment and said that he would enforce the first amendment. Deeds, however, gave a down to earth answer stating that some of the hardest praying that he ever did was at the end of his teacher’s paddle. He went on to say that he supported prayer in public schools. Not knowing his complete record I’ll have to admit that I was impressed by his style.

    I later learned of his radical pro-abortion stands, along with his propensity to support tax hikes, and he lost any support that he might have had from me.

  • John Smith

    If Deeds wins, I wonder who the gun owners will get behind.

    That will really turn up the heat on Gun Ban Bob to apologize for his past support for gun control. For the sake of the Second Amendment, I’m pulling for Deeds.

  • Kelley

    McDonnell just outraised McAuliffe 3-1
    We got this.

  • J.M. Ripley


    It’s not that T-Mac is a “carpetbagger”, rather that he has done nothing for and in this state other than reside in NoVA and he his first run for elected office is for governor.

    Let’s look at the other statewide candidates to compare…some have held office…others have not. But all have carried water in and for this state, regardless of political party…

    Moran – former Delegate, house leader
    Deeds – a few hundreds vote shy of being AG in 05…current State Senator
    Wagner – failed 2nd congressional candidate, served in cabinet of 2 governors
    McD – Born and raised here, law school, prosecutor, delegate, AG
    Cooch – current State Senator
    Bolling – business owner/leader, State Senator, current LG

    Heck even Warner and Kaine, have more Virginia history than T-Mac…
    Warner- failed U.S. Senate candidate, business owner in NoVA, chairman of DPV, Governor
    Kaine – city council/mayor of Richmond, LG and now governor…

    It is a good strategy to paint T-Mac as a “carpetbagger” even though he resides in NoVA, he has contributed nothing to this state…but yet, now wants to be our next Governor…

  • Living in Northern Virginia only because of its proximity to D.C. and our nation’s capital doesn’t qualify you as a Virginian. If a Representative from Alaska or Hawaii has a home in Virginia, they’re just as Virginian as Terry McAuliffe in my opinion!

    The idea that the former DNC chief really identifies as a Virginian is ridiculous. Besides, he has already been quoted as being from “real” New York.

  • Nothing is certain in this election. We’re actually seeing movement from both Moran and McAuliffe over to Deed’s column, but voter turnout might be a major issue for him, as he needs to blanket the whole state, due to not being able to rely on more dense, more liberal, regions of the commonwealth.

    I’m very impressed with Deeds’ campaign. For having to sit out during the Senate session, he’s steadily gained ground since jumping in fully.

    I’m not sure how well the narrow margin of the Deeds/McDonnell AG race plays into this year. More people pay attention to the gubernatorial race than the AG race, not to mention that Deeds trailed well behind Kaine. This is an entirely different race.

    The nominee should be either Moran or Deeds. They know Virginia, and they’ve served Virginians. I’m going to be disappointed if McAuliffe is the nominee.

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