Unified ticket

Patrick Muldoon, John Brownlee, and Dave Foster move to elect Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli by acclimation as the Republican nominees for LG and AG respectively.

Place goes nuts!

“I will endorse [Sen. Ken Cuccinelli], support him, do everything I can to ensure he is the next attorney general of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Brownlee.

Cuccinelli thanked Brownlee and Foster for running a hard and fair campaign.

Bill Stanley also moved that Pat Mullins be elected as chairman by acclimation

“We are once again unified to defeat the Democrats,” said Stanley. “We are unified by strength, we are unified by purpose, we are a unified ticket!”

  • Linwood Cobb

    This is a great ticket that ALL Republicans can support and work hard for. A truly great Convention.

  • Sounded like one heck of a convention. It would have been difficult to have a better outcome. Congratulations to the party nominees.

    As an outsider, I’m especially excited about the victories by Bolling and Cuccinelli. With all the infighting, it is good to see things turned out well and little negative drama was left for the Democrats to enjoy.

    I also appreciated the BD’s reports here and on Twitter. I’m sure many were glued to their cell phones or computers checking up on the progress throughout the day. Good job guys.

  • aaron

    Great ticket and the coverage was awesome.

  • See BLOGGERS in FRONT ROW at the RPV Convention:

  • Jim Hewitt

    What an AMAZING Convention! We stepped out of the Richmond Coliseum united and more than ready to take on the Democrats! With Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli we have a ticket of experience, committment and energy that can begin to lead on Day 1!!! Great job to the RPV as well for all of the prep work and for running a very smooth and enjoyable Convention! Now we move on to the Campaign and to Victory on November 3rd!!

  • Good times ! ! ! Good Job
    http://yankeephil.blogspot.com/2009/05/first-day-bloggers-at-rpv-convention.html. Glad to see I made your Blogroll.LOL

  • 🙁

    Sorry it took so long. My bad. But glad that you’re on there now. Good job too!

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