Mullins stump speech in Virginia Beach; McDonnell calls remarks “incendiary”?

Pat Mullins, candidate for Republican Party of Virginia chairman, stopped by Virginia Beach last Monday night to give his pitch as to why he should keep the job (he was given the post by party leaders May 2).

In his speech, Mullins related his successes at party-building and fundraising and how he has been viewed by his detractors in the past, including calling him the GOP’s “prince of darkness.”

Additionally, Mullins stated that he is glad he isn’t a Democrat because he doesn’t have to defend a president who bows to dictators, called Sen. Jim Webb an “embarrassment”, said Sen. Mark Warner was duplicitous, mentioned that DNC Chair Gov. Tim Kaine is a “part-time governor that’s taking a full-time salary”, and made light of Chairman Terry McAuliffe’s newness to the Virginia political landscape.

The comments drew national attention and have been reported on CNN.

Bob McDonnell has called, in general, comments like the above “incendiary“, but also said that he didn’t actually hear the comments.

“I haven’t heard any of those comments [referring to Mullins quote]. And comments that are incendiary, that’s not my style; I think we need more civility in government…. That doesn’t sound like the Pat Mullins that I know,” said McDonnell during a recent radio interview.

Well, now he can…and you can too. In this Bearing Drift exclusive, here is the complete audio file from my recording of the event: