Bowerbank calls it quits; endorses Wagner

Major shake-up in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. Jon Bowerbank, who’s self-funded candidacy never really gained traction, ended his campaign today and has endorsed Math-goddess Jody Wagner. Here’s the straight scoop from the Wagner camp:


RICHMOND – Today former Secretary of Finance Jody Wagner thanked Jon Bowerbank for his support. On Friday, Bowerbank ended his candidacy for Lt. Governor and endorsed Wagner, saying “I have…reached a decision to suspend my campaign and to throw my full and unqualified endorsement behind the candidacy of Jody Wagner. I have gotten to know Jody well on the campaign trail and believe she would be a great nominee and a great Lieutenant Governor”

Wagner released the following statement: “I want to sincerely thank Jon for his support. Since I entered this race last August, Jon and I have shared a commitment to addressing the critical issues that face the Commonwealth. Jon has been a tireless advocate for creating new jobs, expanding the economy, and strengthening our public education system. I have great respect for his experience in starting and growing a business in Virginia – a background we share, and one that will be critical in helping to turn our state into a leader in the industries of the future, such as renewable energy production. I look forward to campaigning alongside Jon in the coming weeks and months, and I know the Democratic Party of Virginia is fortunate to have his leadership.”

Mike Signer
remains in the race. “Thanks to Jon Bowerbank for a hard-fought race-looking forward to a 2-way race with Jody, winning the nomination, and defeating Bolling …,” he tweeted.

Instant analysis from TC:

Wagner soaked up the establishment support and Mike Signer has set the netroots on fire. As such, while Bowerbanks’s endorsement solidifies Wagner as the front-runner, there’s still a lot of undecideds who are just now tuning into the race, and a lot of oxygen in the room for Mike Signer to breath.

Oh…and did I mention that Virginia revenue projections are off again? Whew…former Sec. Finance Wagner sure was spot on!

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