McAuliffe only slightly over-exaggerates

Recently, Chairman T-Mac introduced in NoVA.

From Salon:

“In 2005, I was the chairman of the big national Rock the Vote dinner, and we gave out two awards, and I’m happy to say that we gave Will an award, but we also got to introduce him to our other award winner — the brand-new senator from the state of Illinois, Barack Obama,” McAuliffe boasted. “So they got together and they did some great things — brought our party together. He did the ‘Yes We Can’ video — 55 million people saw that, just incredible — and we were one, we all came together to fight.” That was true — sort of. The video did inspire millions of Obama’s supporters, but it appeared in February 2008, when Obama was battling McAuliffe’s candidate, Hillary Clinton –- when McAuliffe was Hillary’s campaign chairman. John McCain hadn’t even clinched the GOP nomination yet.

Ugh. Are we going to need a permanent fact-check going on this guy?