Democrats smile at soda tax

Vote for Obama because you believed this: “no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase” (Obama’s website)

Well, that promise lasted almost an entire 4 months! (I have to check, but that may be a record. It certainly trounces Bill Clinton’s record of about 3 weeks)

Democrats have solved the heath care funding problem, and it’s a combination of Coke and Pepsi.

“Senate leaders are considering new federal taxes on soda and other sugary drinks to help pay for an overhaul of the nation’s health-care system.” (link)

Apparently, Democrats must think only people who make over $250,000 a year drink soda.

In fact, I see that every day in a 7-11 or a WaWa or a fast food place. Everyone is drinking Perrier except for that couple in a Limo when they send their chauffeur in to get them a Big Gulp.

“Proponents of the tax cite research showing that consuming sugar-sweetened drinks can lead to obesity, diabetes and other ailments. They say the tax would lower consumption, reduce health problems and save medical costs.”

My dream used to be that I’d live long enough to see the day when Democrats actually tell the voters these idiotic ideas before Election Day. As fun as saying “I told ya so” is, it’s saddening to see Americans believe Democrats when they say “tough on crime” and “lower taxes” and then get into office and free criminals no matter what their sentences were and suddenly discover new taxes that just occurred to them in the middle of the night.

Taxing soda is taxing the rich? Even Obama can’t say that with a straight face, can he?

  • JT

    Right on cue.

  • The left has been talking about doing this for years. The unfortunate thing is that they now have the power to do it.

  • Streeeeeetch…

    This won’t pass.

  • EJ

    “Well, that promise lasted almost an entire 4 months!”

    You forgot they already raised taxes on cigarettes and mr O has been pushing for cap and trade which even if it is a benifit to reduce carbon emissions, its still has the trade off of being an energy tax. Apparently no one under 250k used electricty of gas either.

  • Mike

    The Middle Class and the poor are always hit hardest by these taxes as these companies never eat the costs of the taxes but instead pass those costs on to the consumer. Not only is this a bad Idea in general it could possibly harm Obama politically as yet another promise broken.

  • If that is passed, I bet Pepsi cans will get a make over.

    I’m not giving this much chance to pass, but they are talking about setting up a “sin tax” here with this. Soda is being labeled as an evil and therefore it is ok to tax it ,since it is “evil” and causing obesity. Especially, since there are no competent adults able to make their own decisions. Clearly, their intent would be to alter behavior through taxation. Perhaps they long for the day when being fat was associated with being rich. I just hope nobody ever gets killed for their 12 pack of Pepsi or Coke.

    Don’t worry. Even if it doesn’t pass this time, “Big Brother” does want to take care of you.

  • JT

    This is why the Republican Party is becoming ever more irrelevant each day.

    Taxes like this and increased cigarette taxes are something that should be right up their alley. At least would be if they were still the party that believed in self-responsibility.

    Why shouldn’t those among us who use the products which are the main cause behind skyrocketing health care costs pay for it?

    You want to smoke, eat unhealthy foods, or drink sugar-water, fine…but you should be responsible for paying for it. Those who live a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t bear the costs.

    Of course, the inevitable reaction from your side: It was a Democratic idea, must be bad.

  • You couldn’t be more wrong JT. My reaction is that you are right on the self responsibility. I so agree with you that those abusing their bodies should bear the financial burden.

    How should they pay? By taxes on yet another item that has been demonized for the sake of revenue? Items that many people buy and use responsibly? No way! Babies drown in buckets of liquid every year. You see all the warning labels. Should we out law buckets or levey a bucket tax? It does add to hospital bills and death investigation costs.

    Smokers already pay for increased health premiums. I fully support the right of an insurer to charge more for somebody that is morbidly obese or not insure them at all. They also pay by dying early and not collecting as much social security and medicare pay outs. At least they help out where we are quickly going bankrupt.

    “Why shouldn’t those among us who use the products which are the main cause behind skyrocketing health care costs pay for it?”- JT

    JT, you propose to make lawyers pay for increased health care costs then? They contribute to rising health care costs far more than soda drinkers do.

    You’re right that the Republicans are becoming increasingly irrevelant
    each day. Its because they become more like Democrats each day. McCain being a prime example of that.

    What the heck! Go ahead and pass the tax. We might get to see the faces of Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney on Coke and Pepsi cans. The GOP could always use more campaign contributions.

  • Jim Hewitt

    Only one word for this…ridiculous! One more example of what happens when power goes to your head. So will this be considered a “vice tax” since it is obvious the Democrats feel drinking soda is bad for you. What is next…taxes on Twinkies and Marshmellows?

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