Jeff Frederick To Not Run For RPV Chairman

Jeff Frederick annoucned today that he would not be running for RPV Chairman at the convention later this month.  This comes after his removal in early April by the State Central Committee that this past weekend chose Pat Mullins as temporary chair until the convention at the end of May.

Ryan Nobles of NBC12 reports that Frederick has asked his supporters to NOT back Pat Mullins.

UPDATE: Bill Stanley, chairman of Franklin County GOP and one of the lawyers that represented Jeff Frederick in the April impeachment meeting, is rumored to be considering a run for chairman.

Frederick’s statement is available below the cut:

Dear Friends:

Over the past four weeks, Amy and I have had the opportunity to take a step back, reflect, and pray about our next course. It’s been a refreshing and exciting period as we consider incredible opportunities before us.

It has also been an encouraging time, and I can’t possibly put into words how thankful we are for the literally hundreds of people who have written me with their expressions of support and their confidence in our efforts to bring principled, grassroots leadership back to the Republican Party of Virginia. Your prayers have strengthened us, and given us comfort and peace.

Many of you from every corner of Virginia have urged that I seek the Chairmanship again, and I strongly believe that if I were to seek it at the state convention later this month, my prospects for victory are strong.

Unfortunately, I do not believe the same is true for our party’s prospects this year.

As you have likely heard, Amy has decided not to run for the House of Delegates. Her decision makes the task of keeping the 52nd District seat in Republican hands much more challenging, potentially making it the first casualty of the State Central Committee’s April 4 vote.

But that April 4 vote will likely have other consequences.

Those in our party who make the phone calls, put up the yard signs, canvass neighborhoods, and write small checks won’t soon forget how they expended time and resources to attend a convention last year to only have a small group of party insiders overturn the will of thousands as expressed in a fair and free election.

The events surrounding my removal were just the latest in a long succession of efforts by the SCC to ensure that they – and not the party’s base – were paramount in determining the direction of the Virginia GOP.

What some fail to realize is that the problems within our party have little or nothing to do with me. I was simply a rally call for those that have felt and feel disenfranchised as conservatives within the Republican Party. The action of the SCC on April 4 only reinforced that view and sentiment.

Grassroots conservatives are in the fight due to a commitment to their ideas and values – not because of any personality – mine or anyone else’s. Those on the SCC may have won this most recent battle, but regrettably, they fail to recognize that they are losing us the war. Winning elections is a game of addition not subtraction, yet our state party is turning away good people every day. You can’t rebuild a majority that way.

I was elected to change things, but those that are the guardians of the status quo strenuously resisted the changes I attempted to bring. They are intent on returning the party to the course it was on prior to my election, confident in the mistaken belief that doing the same thing over and over again will somehow produce a different result.

You would think that – given the number of chairman the Party has had in so few years – these “leaders” would figure out that maybe, just maybe, the party’s decline might have something to do with their own misguided priorities and poor judgments. It is inconceivable that they neglect to realize just how obsolete their approach is, particularly given that they are the very same people who have presided over loss after loss for our party.

The SCC’s actions taken in the last few months in particular have made a challenging course for our nominees even more treacherous. For example, the choice of our next Chairman should be put in the hands of the convention delegates. But once again, the grassroots of our party have been removed from the process by those at the top, putting such a decision in the hands of an elite few.

It is that kind of top-down approach that resulted in our party’s greatest contraction, and it is the top-down approach that our activist and volunteer base resoundingly rejected at last year’s convention. Yet, reclaiming the chairmanship without replacing the entrenched party “leadership” would likely result in failure – and putting the energy and sacrifice I did into being Chairman isn’t worth a futile effort.

Therefore, today I announce that I will not be a candidate for Chairman at this year’s state convention.

My mission as Chairman was to advance our beliefs, articulate our vision, and win elections. A party firmly in the hands of the grassroots can accomplish this. A party controlled by a few insiders cannot. It is just that simple. Sadly, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

However, I recognize that I was not the perfect chairman. I made my share of mistakes. But, I also faced a small yet vocal and influential group who were determined to see me fail and committed to my removal from the day of my election. The opposition I encountered as I worked to change our party from the top-down organization it had become to a grassroots party rooted in principles rather than power was not surprising. Most of those at the top had strongly opposed my candidacy for chairman, as I made clear my intention to depart from the status quo approach that had failed us so profoundly during this decade. What was surprising is how determined these people were to revenge their loss at last year’s convention, putting that task above all others, including the task of electing Republicans, which is the primary reason our party organizations exist.

I’ve also learned quite a bit as a result of my experience as a chief partisan – among the lessons: it turns out I’m not that great of one. In my time running for and in public office, I have had to be the non-partisan, mostly because of the composure of my district. But I’ve realized that being a “conservative” is much more in my nature than being a “Republican”, and some of my missteps (particularly in the press) highlight my discomfort in campaigning for party versus ideas.

Many people have suggested to me that the “party comes first.” I strongly disagree. I’m not loyal to a party label, but rather to what that label is supposed to represent. It is the principles and values I am committed to, not politics.

As for my replacement, I would encourage you to oppose the anointed choice of the SCC. Remember, these are the same people who have led the compromising of our core principles and have overseen defeat year after year. If the Republican Party here in Virginia is once again to become a majority party, they are hardly the ones to be in a position to know what it will take to get us there. Nothing personal against the person they have selected, but that endorsement should be a signal to the grassroots of who not to support.

I am thoroughly confident that a true grassroots candidate – not one hand-picked by the same insiders who removed me four weeks ago – will emerge to pick up where we left off. Such a candidate will put principle before politics, champion our conservative beliefs, and honor the will and the efforts of our grassroots members.

To all of you who have stood by Amy and me, both when it was easy and during those more difficult times, we are grateful. Thank you. You have been a blessing to us, and you can count on us to be friends for life. We hope you will keep in touch, and we will make an effort to do the same. Also, please don’t ever hesitate to let me know how I can repay even just a small measure of the abundant support you have shown us.

Having not been in this particular position in our lives for 8 years, Amy and I are happy to be taking a break from public and partisan office. But rest assured, God willing, it won’t be a long sabbatical.

We have been humbled and inspired by the people we’ve met and the commitment we’ve witnessed by so many to preserve and protect the Virginia we love. Keep the faith.

God Bless,

Jeff Frederick

  • David

    Who is expected to run against Pat Mullins at the convention? Candidates have until May 12 (a week from tomorrow) to file their intent to run, which means that we should be hearing something soon:

  • edm

    Can LI now sleep at night?

  • David, I updated the post above:

    Bill Stanley, chairman of Franklin County GOP and one of the lawyers that represented Jeff Frederick in the April impeachment meeting, is rumored to be considering a run for chairman.

  • Aaron

    For those of you who dont know. Bill Stanley would be a great chairman. He is young, energetic, intelligent, and has proven leadership skills. While chairman of the Franklin county republican party he raised lots of money, vastly increased the unit’s membership, and had worked towards huge margins for republicans within Franklin County.

    He has strong conservative values and is just what the RPV needs.

  • Not Russ Moulton

    I believe there will be another conservative, totally unconnected to Frederick or Morgan Griffith.

    Who will win? Who knows?


  • Much better now, edm!

  • Not Russ Moulton – “I believe there will be another conservative, totally unconnected to Frederick or Morgan Griffith.”

    So this wasn’t about incompetence on the part of Jeff Frederick?
    This was about power and people connected to Morgan Griffith, Federick etc?

  • novamiddleman

    The money quote is right here

    “Many people have suggested to me that the “party comes first.” I strongly disagree. I’m not loyal to a party label, but rather to what that label is supposed to represent. It is the principles and values I am committed to, not politics.”

    One quick cheapshot. Hes right it was always Jeff comes first

    Seriously though this is a major problem we have to address. The Republican party is not going to be with you 100% of the time. But I ask would you rather have a Repbulican that supports you 80% or even 66% of the time or a Democrat. Until people understand this and the fact that winning in a blue or purple area requires a different approach than a red area. We are doomed.

    The Democrats like to claim we are a blue state. I doubt that but at the very least we are a purple state. We are no longer a red state and red state conservative type rhetortic will ensure our losses continue.

    Thankfully McDonnell is running a purple campaign and we actually have a shot of winning.

  • To novamiddleman:
    Its funny how a party can lose election after election while moving left, have liberal McCain be FORCED to pick a strong conservative in Palin, and translate those losses into not being “blue” or “purple” enough. What color was McCain’s campaign again?

    What color was George Bush’s unbelievable government spending? What color is the damage and laundry list of excuses handed to Obama because of that spending under Bush? How high can the bar be raised towards socialism now that Bush raised it higher than even Clinton?

    When the government owns the banks and automobile industries, are we “blue” enough? When “RED” China owns the USA and is moving TOWARDS capitalism instead of away from it, will we be “Blue” enough then? Speaking of “Red” China, how did somebody, probably in the media that didn’t want Dems associated with red commies, convince you of what color your party was? Check out the following from red and blue states on Wikipedia:

    “This unofficial system used in the United States stands in contrast to the system of political colors in most other long-established democracies, where blue represents right wing and conservative parties, while red represents left-wing and socialist parties.” -Wikipedia

    “”Prior to the 2000 presidential election, there was no universally recognized color scheme to represent political parties in the United States. In fact, the color scheme was often reversed, in line with historical European associations (red used for left-leaning parties).”” – Wikipedia

    “NBC continued to use the color scheme employed in 1976 for several years; NBC newsman David Brinkley famously referred to the 1980 election map as showing Ronald Reagan’s 44-state landslide as a “sea of blue”.” – Wikipedia

    Talk about surrender! You can’t even indentify yourself! You let the media do it for you!

    What color were the state Republicans from Hamton Roads that voted to force HRTA on us only to have the people and then the Supreme Court scream that it was unconstitutional?

    What color are the Republicans that agree with the “Big Government” Democrats, that even though the Port Authority here in Hampton Roads is STATE OWNED, that locals not the entire state, has to pay for traffic improvements because the port is expected to rapidly expand and put a LOT more trucks on the road? Proceeds from the port benefit the entire state not just our area. We don’t have some dedicated fund for the cities of Hampton Roads/Tidewater that port money flows into. The whole state gets it.

    What color were the Republicans that tried to pass watered down eminent domain reform? Thank God that failed and REAL eminent domain reform was passed the following year.

    I’m glad that Frederick won’t run. I agree with Gary Byler on that deal but, Frederick makes a good point. If you’re not going to follow the Party Creed at all, why don’t you just call yourself a Democrat.

    How much of your soul are you willing to sell to win a “Blue Campaign” against even “Bluer” Democrat that you can’t hope to out “Blue”? 33% of your soul?Just 20%? How far before you are no longer a conservative at all? What do your principles mean to you? When you swear an oath to support the Republican banner and the nominations are increasingly socialist, what do you choose? Being an oath breaker or a socialist? That question was nicely framed for you by the the Democrats that invaded YOUR party.

    When more people sit home or join third parties, will you just cry out that the GOP needs to accept that the state is “Blue” now? Or are we trying to be “Green”?

    Is this what the Democrats did when the GOP held all the houses of Government? When somebody with a “D” after their name couldn’t win because they weren’t “Red” enough, did they also subscribe to suicide of principle? Somehow those losers came back and took over.

    The “Left” is beautifully framing the question for you. This way you can’t possibly think you lost because you did something wrong. This way you can’t even face that this is just cyclical and the surrender of your values isn’t even necessary. No. Instead some of you choose to become a Democrat in order to try to compete with Democrats. The question is framed in advance. Which of the two “Evils” do you choose? All based on a willingness to allow the main stream media to think for you.

  • I know I said some things here about certain Republicans.

    Sometimes it is said that I and some good friends of mine, spend too much time criticizing Republicans and not nearly as much talking about the negatives coming from the “Left” side of the aisle.

    Before anyone takes me to task on that, I really do care about what’s going on. Also, I did just talk about Democrat McAuliffe in another post.

  • Another Conservative/Independent


    Your post was longer than mine. Yay!!! I read yours in full and I totally agree. Not that it matters much. And in a nutshell that is indeed how many CONSERVATIVES now feel. We do not matter.

    The Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and our very own Eric Cantor are showing the true colors now. I stand with Rush and Dick.

    Jeff Frederick’s statement today was wordy ……. yet well worth the read.

    Good luck to Bob. I am not so sure Pat Mullins can drive him to home base. Whose fault will it be if he loses? Frederick’s? I think not.

    Bet they’ll blame it on him though…….or will it be yet again Bush’s fault?

    PRINCIPLES. Are there any candidates or leaders that stand on those???

    Not looking so good.

    By the way, I haven’t googled but has our new chairman made a statement as of yet?

  • Another Conservative/Independent

    Just to edit/add….should have said I stand with Rush and Dick and Sarah.

    Ain’t listening to the others make excuses and offer out their olive branches to keep their seats. Yep I said “Ain’t”. Southern and real.

    Reagan said he did not leave the Democrat Party. They left him. I did not leave the Republican Party ……the Republican Party left me. I don’t think I am alone with that thought. But……those in office now will do all they can to keep office and listen to their consultants rather than the people who worked to get them elected. They laugh at us now.

    We’ll see who laughs last. I think no one will end up laughing.

  • novamiddleman

    Britt and the others below you

    So in an effort to be pure you are willing to lose election after election.

    Here I’ll break it down for you

    Why did we lose the Senate

    Becuase one of your idiots ousted a Republican Senator in Tidewater. Also, In Fredricksubrg Thankyfully the Moderate eeked out a parimary victory and WON in the general. Can you stand here with a straight face that if the conservative was picked that seat would have won as well.

    Look all of you need to wake up. Political purity means nothing if you aren’t in power to actually pass anything remotely Republican.

    I am sick and tired of having Democrats WIN in this state. We need to start WINNING again and McDonnell understands this.

  • Aaron

    This makes no sense. it is not about purifying the party it is about returning to our conservative values (fiscal responsibility=cutting spending/balancing the budget. Not the failed policies of increased spending)

    Why would i vote for Democrat-lite candidates (Moderate/liberal Republicans) when i can look on the other side of the ticket and vote for a true Democrat?

    Now is not the time to be more like the Dems…now is the time to stand up for what made this party great. Now is the time where we quit mortgaging the lives of future generations for current welfare programs and bailouts. Now is the time when we STOP acting like the Democrats and increase our party base by being conservative not trying to be everything to everybody.

  • Middleman, if you’re tired of Democrats winning, then stop running them in both the Democrat AND Republican parties. I can’t answer for Fredricksburg. I don’t know enough about that deal. If you’re speaking of Marty Williams, good riddance! You can have his HRTA and extra layer of government. Don’t put that garbage proven unconstitutional on Tidewater.

    I thought you lost election after election due to Jeff Frederick! That’s what everyone says. Now its conservatives in general? Wow, I’m sure that will spark interest. McDonnell understands this? Are you sure you want to bring him back in this mess again so wounds can’t heal?

    Ok, if the Republican party goes “Blue” or “Green” and conservatives stay home because you say their principles don’t matter, how do you propose to do all this winning you speak of?

  • novamiddleman

    Number one I am joe average citizen no affliations with anyone

    The Jeff Fredrick deal is over that was a competency issue.

    Why in the hell do you prefer a Democrat over Marty Williams. I can’t argue with that type of logic. You people make absolutley no sense.

    Let me break it down for you. In Virginia say there are 35% conservatives and that is being generous. You can’t govern with 35%. Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like you want 35% conservative Republicans and 65% Democrats.

    I on the other hand want a Republican majority again. That means running conservative in areas where you can WIN as a conservative and shifting the message emphasis in areas that are less conservative. Notice the words I picked choosing what to emphsize. Having a conservatie knocking off a Rebpulican in the primary when they have no shot of winning the general election is completly asinine.

    That argument about people staying home is complete B.S. Are you seriouly telling me these so-called conservatives would prefer a Democrat win an election?

    This is all commonsense to me

  • Passing unconstitutional extra layers of government is what is asinine. Being from that area and putting that on your constituents is even more asinine. If you’re so self worshipping that you think you can just run over the people that eleceted you, don’t count on my sympathy when you lose. Maybe the next Republican will learn from Marty William’s mistakes.

    The REPUBLICANS are supposed to be the champions of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. The party of Reagan! When you have somebody playing socialist, the voters are bound to get confused. But, hey……Marty going “Blue” is what caused his problem. Now your answer is to go more “Blue”. Or is it “Green”? Oh, that’s right, some people are going “Purple”. When you figure out what color you really are, that might help.

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