Pilot Editorial: “Cheap Shot at McDonnell”

Lately it has been difficult to find much to agree with the Pilot Editorial board, but even they recognize that the national-style slash-and-burn politics that the Democrats are playing here in the Commonwealth is not the Virginia-way:

[Robertson’s campaign donations to McDonnell] doesn’t give Democrats permission to conduct character assassination by association, particularly when their not-so-subtle motive is to stigmatize McDonnell because of his religious beliefs.

McDonnell’s views opposing abortion were shaped by his Catholic faith and helped spark his interest in politics. Voters can weigh his position on that issue as they decide which candidate to support, but they should also give consideration to McDonnell’s attitudes toward transportation, education and energy policies.

If Democrats attempt to corrupt this year’s campaign by turning it into a referendum on Robertson, they are insulting voters in general and Christian voters in particular.

The group “Common Sense Virginia” is a front organization for the Democratic Governors’ Association and is attacking McDonnell on their web site “The Real Bob McDonnell” for his association with Robertson.

  • This goes to the heart of the point. The days of Democrats reaching out to Christian voters just may be over. They have sufficiently used values voters by putting out a false impession that they were moderate on the social issues. Now we see them attacking a 79-year old minister from Virginia Beach. That is low even for them.

    People are looking for a leader with strong values and competant leadership, that is why Bob McDonnell is resonating with Virginians.

  • Robert W. Smith


    You mean his “leadership” when he negotiated the wholly unconstitutional, illegal, regional taxing authorities? Then defended them in court? Is that the “leadership” you tout?

    Or his ignoring the solemn promise to “abolish the car tax” made by Republicans in the 90’s to get into power? Is that the “leadership” you think is “resonating with Virginian’s”????

    Or the “leadership” in ignoring outright fraud and deception from the State Board of Elections over corruption?

    Exactly what “leadership” are you citing?

  • Why does everyone keep throwing the regional taxing authority thing up as being so gosh darn awful? This happens on both liberal and conservative blogs.

    While I had my problems with the regional, go it alone solution, our areas politicians explained that this was the best they could get out of Richmond. They could not get a majority of votes because too many of the Commonwealth’s citizens were afraid they would be paying taxes that would only end up funding transportation improvements in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.

    If the regional solution was the only solution to be allowed us, then while that solution might not have been perfect, at least it would allow us to get started.

    As for the “illegal” aspect, OK, yes, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional. OK, then have the regional authority only “request” regional taxes which would then be enacted by the state legislature. This would pass constitutional muster and the problem is solved.

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