Weekend Virginia: The fall of the GOP?

On last weekend’s Weekend Virginia, Waldo and I discussed his post in which he waxed poetic about the demise of the GOP.

Here are Waldo’s thoughts and below are mine:

This weekend’s topic: Moving prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to Virginia. You can listen live at Radio IQ at 2 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday.

  • Interesting debate, and I am glad I was able to hear both viewpoints.

    First off, I am going to expose that my opinions are based upon my belief in the power of the center.

    Partial credit for the recent success of the Democratic Party was a willingness of the party to reach out to moderates.

    J.R., I will dispute your comment about Newt Gingrich being included in the bunch of right wing extremists. Since Newt Gingrich left office, he actually has moderated his tones. In my opinion he has swung towards the center. By no means is he a left wing liberal, but now he is moderately conservative. I now listen up when he expresses his opinion. I just wish the Newt in office had been as wise as the Newt out of office.

  • Dry Viking

    Then how do you explain the Republican loss. They moved way to the middle, nominating a liberal candidate for president. If he hadn’t picked a conservative running mate he would have been trounced even worse.
    The only times Republicans win is when they don’t move to the center but ask the center to join them on the right. That is what works.

  • Dry, if you’re talking about Republican primaries, you’re dead wrong. Conservatives have a horrible record winning Republican Presidential primaries.

  • Dry,

    I wouldn’t call John McCain a liberal. And if he had selected someone more reasonable then Sarah Palin for VP he probably would have had my vote.

  • Little David, I would.
    I say John McCain is a liberal.

    Sarah Palin was probably the only reason some Republicans were able to hold their nose and vote for their own party. Foolish really. She would onlly be Vice President. Foolish like the foaming at the mouth liberal Democrats that so feared her.

    My theory is that some masochist democrats actually seceretly wished for a McCain victory. Then McCain could be the foolish old man losing competence. He could be their new George Bush that they labeled an idiot. Of course the foolish old McCain would need a puppet master. Some evil diabolical figure. Sarah Palin would be your new Dick Cheney. Oh how Democrats would love to hate her. So much so that they can’t seem to let go of “What could have been.” The need to bash Palin is pathological. She lost, but the Democrats accept her defeat. They want to be victimized by their “New” Dick Cheney so badly. They feel empty inside over it.

    I have to question your logic if you voted against McCain(or for him) just because of who his VP selection was. Perhaps you attribute too much credit to the power of the VP.

  • I of course meant to say:

    She lost, but the Democrats CAN’T accept her defeat.

  • Britt Howard,

    I will let your post stand without rebuttal. You make my points against you so eloquently without my speaking another word.

  • Then why the need to post at all?

    The truth is there’s nothing for you to say. Its true, the Left has a pathological need to have Sarah Palin to attack. She, or someone else the Dems paint as a horrible monster in an organized campaign.

    Not only does this technique damage the Republican victim, but it constructs a common enemy to rally all the subgroups into cooperation.

  • Remember when Rush Limbaugh was the next “great satan” for the Democrat party?

    How many posts did we see mentioning Rush running the party? Too bad for the Dems it was too obviously untrue. Too bad the Dems didn’t even understand Rush for who is while they attempted to drag him through the mud. Where is all the Rush bashing now, Little David?

  • Dry Viking

    Brian: I meant general elections for president. You are right when it comes to the primaries. Conservatives wait way too long to rally around a standard bearer while they dream of the “dream candidate”. In the meantime, the party or cross over voters chose the candidate. That is how we ended up with Bush and most recently with McCain.

    LD: You are simply wrong when it comes to McCain. Britt is right. I too am one who only voted for him because of Palin and before he chose her I was prepared to vote for Chuck Baldwin if McCain had picked anyone else.

  • Little David,

    Gov. Palin was not a drag on McCain’s ticket. The exit polls show that among those who said that she affected their vote, McCain had an advantage. So with that knowledge in mind, the 2008 election was not a commentary on Sarah Palin, rather it brought her name to the forefront of the 2012 speculation.

  • Dry, if I’m right about primaries, how can you be right about general elections?

  • OK guys, I can only say with 100% certainty that John McCain lost my vote (and I did not stay at home, I voted for the other guy) with his selection of Sarah Palin for VP. Perhaps if Sarah Palin had not been selected, the margin of victory would have been greater because you guys would not have voted against Barack Obama anyway.

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