Supporting traditional marriage costs Miss USA title

If it’s down to two finalists for Miss USA, and a contestant is asked about gay marriage, and she answers:

“I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

she can count on losing.

That’s what happened last evening, when finalist Miss California Carrie Prejean spoke those words and the pageant declared Miss North Carolina the winner soon after.

Keith Lewis, head of the California competition, said this about his contestant: “I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman.”

Personally saddened? I’m personally saddened that this jerk want to force his personal beliefs on everyone else.

See, you only have a first amendment right to an opinion if you agree with the left. Have a conservative view, especially on social issues, and get ready to be shown the door.

“I think it’s ridiculous that she got first runner-up” shouted a gay man in the lobby, furthering the debate that, with the left, no debate is allowed. But if you’re a lefty, you can scream “It’s ugly” in the lobby of a beauty pageant.

Ya know, I get soooooooo tired of the anger of the left. CNN shows conservatives peaceably demonstrating at the Tea Parties, and tries to make them look like loons, but these leftist screamers howling about marriage get hardly a notice.

Tell me the BS again….the part about the Democrats being the party of openness and tolerance and sensitivity.

And the Party of Shouting.

  • tx2vadem

    That’s an awfully broad brush. There is an angry left and an angry right. But much of the dialogue I encounter does not include shouting. I haven’t met everyone out there, but I would like to think that the shouting folks in both parties are the minority.

    As to this article, it doesn’t say that she lost the competition because of that statement. So, how do you know that she lost because of it?

    Second, on the issue itself, I’m not asking for anyone to change their beliefs. I am not asking to intrude on the free exercise of religion. All I am asking is for the state not to discriminate in providing a state license. If Churches don’t want to recognize them, if people still personally find homosexuality objectionable, fine by me.

  • by that logic, the state shouldn’t discriminate in limiting anyone to one, right?

  • tx2vadem

    I don’t think so. The license is for a couple, which is two people, not many.

  • Ask ANY RINO–somehow, it is her fault. The social cons are at fault. Stick to fiscal issues, and ignore the social issues. Where the hell is Loudoun Insider when you need him?

  • Gay marriage = polygamy!

    And… and… and… gay people getting married is going to harm my heterosexual marriage.

    Comparison between gay marriage and bestiality, in three… two… one…

  • It’s her fault–she should have lied and said she supports gay marriage, those social cons are the bad ones (by gutless RINOS) in four…threee…twoooooo….ONE

  • Lyn

    I got dizzy reading this blog post. It started at the title and continued on throughout the post. I was nodding my head so much in agreement I got dizzy.

    What most upsets me about this whole situation is that there are creatures in existence like Perez Hilton. Second, I am offended that said Perez Hilton is (supposedly) a celebrity. What is there to celebrate in that pile of poop? Finally, political correctness is part of the liberal double standard. Liberals are so arrogant and think they’re so smart. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Here I am, John Doe. Sorry to keep you waiting!

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I saw that flaming cretin Perez Hilton talking about this on the morning news. She absolutely had the right to say what she did and not be penalized for it.

    I have never been for gay marriage and I’m not a RINO no matter how much you want to scream that I am. GOP candidates simply need to understand when to focus on these types of issues and when to focus on other issues more important to the average voter.

  • Ok, Loudoun Insider, fair enough. But when if ever are you going to say “enough, the time is come for pushing back”? Social Cons didn’t start this fight, and people like you are sitting on the side lines, and condemning those politicians who do stand up for traditional values.

  • tx2vadem

    John Doe,

    Social conservatives didn’t start the fight because there is nothing to fight when you are maintaining the status quo. And really, why should we have the government define and enforce “traditional values” for us? Are we children that need a paternalistic figure in the state to instruct the minutest of detail in our personal lives?

    And what do “traditional values” entail? Are we talking about implementing scriptural interpretations of the bible into law? Because if we are there are around 38,000 denominations of Christianity and 50 versions of the English translation of the bible. So which interpretation and translation should we adopt when transcribing this into the Virginia Code?

    As an aside, whenever I here traditional, it reminds me of that song from Fiddler on the Roof: Tradition.

  • tx2vadem,

    The problem is that gays are not willing to live with the status quo. Gays are mounting a front line assault on traditional marriage. They are currently mounting this on every line they find available, both the courts and the legislature. If you (and the pro-gay movement at large) want this issue to fade into the background, it is within your power to see to it that it does.

  • The better looking one won anywho…problem solved.

  • tx2vadem


    As I have stated above and in previous comments here, all I am looking for is equality under state law. You want to go to church, hear sermons blaming Katrina on gays, not ordain gay ministers/pastors/etc.., not recognize gay marriages in your church, fine by me. As I have said, I don’t want to intrude on your free exercise of religion.

    Were I able to get married, I would not do so at your church, in your living room or probably any place you frequent. And no one is forcing you to come to their wedding. No one is forcing you to associate with gay people if you don’t want to (though if you go out in public you are bound to run into one of us). So how this represents an assault on traditional marriage, I can’t see. Traditional marriage will still be intact and unaffected by allowing civil marriage for gay people. Assault implies that traditional marriage will be harmed by granting marriage licenses to gay people, but what harm really will come from this?

    Pro-gay is funny. It makes it sound like there is some movement to convert people.

  • Ian,

    I was unsuccessful in my brief attempt to look at the pictures of the contestants. However one thing that I did note is the winner was a brunette.

    I prefer brunettes personally. But I must admit that my wife is a brunette and that if I offered a preference for something different I might suffer severe consequences.

  • John Doe, social conservatives have started a ton of fights from what I’ve seen since I’ve been in Virginia.

    I am right there with you on the gay marriage issue, but I hate to break the news to you – the culture war is lost. Done. Over and out. We’re barely holding the line on some issues right now, but the younger generations coming up have been completely brainwashed by the public “education” system. I just don’t see these issues being the way forward for the GOP as much as I may agree with them personally. I think the GOP needs to be about fiscal responsibility first and foremost, but of course that means completely changing the attitudes of most GOP congressmen. Social issues are a long-term losing cause. I wish it was otherwise but it just isn’t. And we aren’t going to be able to change the trend.

  • tx2vadem

    Loudoun Insider,

    “Brainwashing” in our public schools? How so? I don’t know about you, but I got most of my values from my family. Granted I graduated high school 14 years ago, but I was never taught that being gay was okay or that gays could live in loving, monogamous relationships. Is that what they are teaching in Loudoun County Schools?

    I hope you are right about that trend though. I think you’ll find that no harm comes to your traditional marriage or your religious beliefs. You will enjoy your freedom still; and I will finally experience the same amount freedom as you.

  • William Bailey

    I haven’t seen any real proof the question cost the crown. Looking at the score cards, California was losing before she answered the question.

    Brian: Do you have any valid evidence to prove the answer cost her the crown or is this just one more right wing opinion piece?

  • Judith

    A loaded question like that never should have been asked in the first place. It was inappropriate. Leave issues like that outside of this arena.

  • i’m not totally against gay marriage, coz gay persons need to be happy to ~

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