Muldoon – $10,000 from morning-after pill lobbyists

We reported some months ago how Patrick Muldoon’s employment as an attorney at Duane Morris, a DC legal and lobbying firm, might call into question his commitment to the pro-life cause, since Duane Morris listed Barr Laboratories as a client.

Barr makes the “morning after” abortion pill.

With the recent campaign filing report, that connection leaped from employment to $$$$$$$$$$ with direct financial contributions.

Muldoon got a whopping $10,000 from a federal PAC called Duane Morris Government Committee – 30 South 17TH ST – Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Duane Morris Government Committee has given money to noted abortion supporters Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bob Casey, Chris Dodd and loads of other pro-abortion Democrats.

And Patrick Muldoon too.

  • Phantom08

    This donation must be an indication of Muldoon’s secret commitment to abortion rights.

    It certainly couldn’t be based on his chances of winning or strength of his campaign organization.

    Too hysterical! What a hypocrite.

  • Lee Talley

    Wow… this is where standing on principles get you… a 10 k donation from the people you castigate. Its a shame Easau didn’t have lobbyists for friends he would have gotten more than a bowl of soup from Jacob for his birthright.
    This makes ol’ Muldoon a whore in my eyes. What’s forsale at 20k or 50k…. your soul, your dignity. What’s next?

  • VictoryIn09

    I understand in politics that politicians and candidates sometimes play in the gray to accomplish their goals but this is complete hypocrisy. I have absolutely no respect for Muldoon anymore.

  • Not like it was really a contest anyway. Bolling will win it all.

  • GMo

    Honestly is anyone suprised? Muldoon has been a joke candidate from the beginning. With the trouble I imagine he’s having raising money, do you think he’d turn down $10K from the devil himself?

    I just find it absolutely hilarious that he’s attacking Bolling from the right, and then accepts 10K from a group that supports Hillary Clinton.

    So now that he’s taking Barr’s “Dirty Money” as well, what do you think the chances are that he stops making those ridiculous attacks on Bolling?

    Muldoon for Lt. Governor, brought to you by the abortion pill…

  • The Truth
    Barr Labs makes the Morning after pill.
    Bill Bolling continues to solicit and has accepted campaign contributions totaling almost $40,000 from Barr Labs.
    I work for Duane Morris LLP (a law firm, not a lobbying firm) as an attorney.
    Duane Morris LLP does not represent Barr Labs.
    I accepted a campaign contribution of $10,000 from Duane Morris LLP’s PAC, which in addition to contributing to the democrats listed also gave to Bush, Allen, McCain, Romney, Santorum, Talent, Steele, Gilmore and a slew of other Republicans.
    Finally, it seems this blog is realizing that contributions from Barr Labs are a problem. It turns out however, to be Mr. Bolling’s problem, not mine.

  • Hard Right Rudder

    Brian – Great reporting. You might have a future at CNN.

    The fact is that Patrick Muldoon is an employee at a large law firm — close to 700 attorneys if not more. Large law firm’s have diverse client bases, and their PAC’s contribute to a diverse group of political candidates. As noted by Patrick above, the PAC also contributes to many republicans, a fact you conveniently ignored in your “report”.”

    It is also a fact that Bill Bolling solicited and accepted a large contribution directly from Barr Labs. Is this the action of a so called conservative committed to the pro life cause? Please explain to me why there is more outrage at Muldoon calling attention to Bolling’s actions that are inconsistent with the pro life cause, than there is for Bolling for actually acting contrary to his stated principles.

    Your prior comments about the “real” RINO’s epitomize what is wrong with RPV and GOP — too many have put the party ahead of principle. Unforturnately the party ends up with candidates who tout themselves as conservatives in order to appeal to conservative voters, but are quick to abandon conservative principles to avoid losing a vote. RPV now has McDonnell announcing that he will be the moderate running in the gubenatorial election. I do not want a candidate who shys away from conservative issues to avoid some perceived alienation of moderate voters.

  • VictoryIn09

    Hard Right Rudder – you suffer from selective acrimony. You might have a future at MSNBC.

    The fact is that Bill Bolling is a conservative Republican with wide appeal – close to 3,000 donors if not more. Statewide candidates have large donor bases, and receive contributions from a diverse group of individuals and businesses. Bill Bolling has voted against Barr labs position on Plan B every time it’s come up in the Senate, a fact you conveniently ignore in your “comment”.

    It is also a fact that Barr gives to a wide range of pro-life Republicans because they are also pro-business. Does receiving these contributions make them all RINOs? Please explain to me why Bolling taking money from a PAC and then voting against its interests is any worse than Muldoon taking money from, and directly working for, a firm with obvious connections to – and that plainly advocates in support of- Barr and Plan B.

    Your prior comments make me believe that you’re actually a “RINO”, or perhaps a Democrat seeking to destroy the best chance our party has had at statewide success in nearly a decade. As a matter of fact, please explain to me why I should trust a guy with absolutely no record, when he claims to be “pure?” For all we know he could be full of it, since there’s no record to back it up. I do not want a candidate with only empty rhetoric, I want one with a record.

  • Bolling Supporter

    I just want to clear up everyone’s confusion on the Morning After Pill. It is not the “abortion pill.” The Morning After Pill (Plan B) is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. It prevents the egg from being implanted, and conception never occurs. Many people confuse this with RU-486, which truly is an abortion pill that can be taken up to 7 weeks after conception and is also controversial because of the health risks for the mother.

    As someone who does not believe in abortion, I have no problem with either candidate accepting donations from a company that creates emergency contraception. Please take the time to do more research on the Morning After Pill before criticizing either candidate for accepting money from a company that employs Barr Laboratories or directly from Barr Laboratories.

  • If a fertilized egg is purposely prevented from implantation, what is it?

    Fertilization does not occur in the uterus, but in the fallopian tube. To me, contraception means preventing conception. If the “morning after pill” aborts a fertilized egg, that’s not contraception to me.

  • Bolling Supporter

    “Commonly known as the “morning after pill,” Plan B works largely by preventing ovulation. If the ovary doesn’t release an egg, that egg can’t be fertilized by any sperm waiting to meet it. The pill also might hinder sperm travel by thickening mucus secretions and inhibit implantation by affecting the uterine lining. ”


  • Jeff Frederick accepted money from Barr Labs too, so is he a RINO as well???

  • Loudoun Insider, is everything about Jeff Frederick with you?

    Apparently so. There must be two Republican parties. I’m starting to see anti-Frederick people favoring mostly the same candidates. Frederick backers the other side. Yes, there are a few exceptions to that rule, but, it is looking like a pattern. Now I’m starting to question the whole “Its not about ideology(Frederick’s firing)” thing.

    What, Bolling staying out of the Frederick thing but, campaigning early for McDonnell wasn’t good enough? He has to pay for not aggressively trying to push Frederick out?

    Except for perhaps Kirwin, I don’t believe any of you guys are arguing about abortion or abortifacients. This is all pretense to continue factional infighting.

    In this case, both candidates appear to have connections to Barr. So, what are you arguing over? Who got the most money? Who got it first? What did they know and when did they know it? It might make a difference if one of the two parties had no connection.

    Does anyone here really not expect Boling to win the nomination? Even the Muldoon supporters?

  • I’m just pointing out some hypocrisy I see, Britt. I’m not making Bolling pay for anything – I’m a Bolling fan. Muldoon is wasting everyone’s time with his “campaign”.

  • My bad. As the kids today would say. Although, they probably have a new saying now.

    After re-reading, I see I also misread a few things.

  • The Sword of 1000 Truths

    You cretinous whores of babylon would dare assault Patrick Muldoon over this? I say let he who is without sin cast the first stone! This is like attacking a candidate for cheating on a grammar test in 3rd grade or speeding 5 MPH over the limit; things that we are all guilty of for we are imperfect beings striving for perfection. We’ve all taken a few thousand dollars from lobbyists who happen to represent abortionists, anyone who says otherwise and sullies the good name of Patrick Muldoon over this is a hypocrite!!!!

  • Stonewall Brigade

    Sword you need a to chill out.

  • Politics with Pam


    Did you into the Republican Party of Va Beach yet?

    Nothing wrong with being a member and officer of the Tidewater Libertarian Party, but you spend an inordinate amount of time participating in the “factional infighting” amongst Republicans here on the blogs.

    I say join us…or butt out.

  • The Sword of 1000 Truths

    No, I will not “chill out” Stonewall Brigade! Do you think that St. Lambert of Saragossa was torn asunder by his Moorish slaver so that you could tell me to “chill out” in response to my outrage over these false accusation against Patrick Muldoon?!?! Do you want a thousand Moors to lord over you as they did St. Lambert, because I think that you do?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    OK, Stonewall, I’ll chill out and we’ll just spend all day being enslaved by al-Qaeda and murdering the unborn. Because that’s apparently what you Bolling supporters want.

  • Steve Waters

    Please read Patrick’s response above. He does not, nor has he ever received political or non-political contributions from Barr Labs.

    What is interesting is that the people who don’t give Patrick a chance sure are hard pressed to defend Bill Bolling and his hypocrisy. The fact of the matter is that Patrick Muldoon’s campaign is gaining momentum and is largely due to the fact that Bill Bolling has shown a pattern of compromise on conservative principles in recent years. No compromise is ever acceptable on our conservative principles.

    From parental rights to morning after pill contributions, abusive driver fees to HB3202, Bill Bolling’s record is not as conservative as some would like. By claiming a legislative victory in 2007 with the HPV vaccination mandate/parental opt-out legislation (HB2035), Bill Bolling’s conservative credentials are in question for very good reasons. Parents do not like being told by the government how to raise their children or what is best for them. Requiring a 12 year-old girl to receive a series of three shots into her cervix is intrusive to parents, especially for a vaccination that has not been tested by the FDA on girls in that age group. In fact, this vaccination that Bill Bolling campaigned across Virginia has only shown to be effective on 4 out of 205 strains of the HPV.

  • “No compromise is ever acceptable on our conservative principles.”

    And you tout yourself as a political consultant???

    News flash – that kind of candidate will never get elected statewide.

  • For a candidate to take such a large percentage of his donations from a source that supported Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd while his campaign manager says “No compromise is ever acceptable on our conservative principles” is interesting to no end.

  • Bolling Supporter

    You men have no business arguing about women’s health issues if you are not going to do your research.

    The HPV vaccine is not shot into the cervix, it is shot into the arm. I know because I received the vaccine 2 years ago. It is not intrusive or invasive. It hurt the first time, but the following shots were no big deal.

  • The Sword of 1000 Truths

    Steve Waters is right. Patrick Muldoon once showed me the HPV vaccine being administered. First, they strap the patient to a table and then they inject it directly into her cervix. Worst of all, dwarfs wearing leather masks come out and whip the patient with metal chains the whole time! I don’t even know if there’s medical reason to do that!!

    You Bolling people are sick!!!!

  • Pam, clearly you don’t understand why I care.

    Firstly, after being a Tidewater Libertarian Party officer for two years, I stepped down. I was finding myself increasingly involved with campaigns. The last one was a Republican campaign. I was a Republican before going to the Libertarian Party out of frustration. There are a LOT of people that recently took the bait and tried working from the inside as many Republicans urge me to do. I have been watching how that went. Until recently, it was looking like some change was possible.

    Look Pam, some may be comfortable with taking that oath and swearing to support both the conservative and the socialists that run for elelction under the RPV banner but, I am not. I like being able to support the Republicans that follow the party creed and leave the others dry.

    With all the Libertarians that went to the RPV, the Liberty movements, the Ron Paul people, the Fair Tax people in the GOP I have interest there.

    Are you a Muldoon fan? Is that why you’re suddenly concerned with my interest? Hey, I just really like Bill Bolling and think he’s a great conservative. I guess to some Republicans…..that’s a crime apparently. At some point, I’ll probably write him a check and attend a campaign event like I did with Cuccinelli. However, maybe since I’m not in the local Republican party you don’t want people like me to be interested in or supporting YOUR Republican candidates.

    Sorry, I don’t intend to butt out.

  • Britt Howard,

    In your angst against the Republican party you threw your weight behind the Libertarian types (like Ron Paul) that want to legalize prostitution, legalize recreational drug use and destroy Social Security. This is what your new banner stands for. Are you in support of each of these?

  • Phantom08


    You should probably bone up on your anatomy (shots into the cervix?!) and how shots are given. (It’s given in the arm.) Check out the CDC webpage.

    Does this means you’re not supporting Jeff Frederick, since he takes money from Barr, or Bob Marshall, since he voted for a budget that funded planned parenthood, or Ken Cuccinelli, since he voted for 3202 and the HPV vaccine bill.

  • LD, that’s pretty funny coming from a Democrat type guy like you.

    I have never heard Ron Paul advocate drug legalization or prostitution.
    I’m not familiar with his views on social security but, social security is a ponzi scheme. Too many boomers being paid by too few next generations. There probably is a better way.

    I do know that I disagree with Ron Paul’s foriegn policy. What I do LOVE about Ron Paul is his advocacy for smaller government, and stopping run away government spending.

    You try to put words in my mouth, label Ron Paul, and connect me to him just because I agree with much of his views on government.

    I left the GOP because fiscal irresponsibility was turning the GOP into Democrat lite. When you have some conservative democrats that are a lot more conservative than some Republicans, then there’s a problem.

    Really Little David, do I need to point out all the extreme views held by other parties? You can find that in any party.

  • Ah, here we go again. Another nameless wonder like Phantom08 stuck in the past.

    You guys try to tell us Frederick backers to move on then you dig up the dead bodies to spit on them. You tell us that there isn’t some ideological thing going on but, it is about competence of Frederick. Then some phantom appears and posts this crap.

    Now you bring Bob Marshall and Ken Cuccinelli into it? Sounds like intra-party wars are not over.

    LittleDavid, what do you think about this chaos? Doesn’t it make your liberal leaning heart warm? You think I need to be a part of this?

  • Britt Howard,

    I can attest that the pro legalized prostitution wing came out loud and vociferously in favor of Ron Paul. I witnessed this support myself.

    I am mystified why you would even argue against the main planks of the Libertarian Party!

  • “I can attest that the pro legalized prostitution wing came out loud and vociferously in favor of Ron Paul. I witnessed this support myself.” – Little David

    Where did you witness this Little David? One of your truck stops?

    Why don’t you fully describe what and who you are talking about?

    I do believe you own your personal body and not the state. If you want to do something with it, that doesn’t harm anyone else, that’s between you and God. That includes prostitution (already legal in Nevada).That includes smoking cancer causing cigarettes you defend. I believe you have the right to pickle your brain with alchohol. Morally wrong, I think you damage the body you were given and reduce your ability to be a productive citizen, but I have no right to jail you for it in my opinion unless you damage the rights of others.

    Arn’t you a Democrat LD? I could point out differences you have with your party.

    Really, a different thread would be better for this. What this has to do with Muldoon, isn’t too clear.

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  • Brian, I hate to burst your pious bubble, but the Duane Morris law firm and lobbying group are two completely legally separate entities;

    The government affairs division from which the money came is affilated with the law firm. not the lobbying agency.
    The lobbying agency had represented Barr on a generic drug in the past, having nothing to do with the MAP.

    Patrick works for the law firm, not the lobbying agency.
    The law firm has NEVER represented Barr, nor has Patrick, and the donation to his campaign also came from the law firm, not the lobbying agency, so you have no legitimate argument.

    I know you were so desperately hoping you had us, but you don’t, Bubba!
    Your real problem is that Bolling has actively solicited and received 38,000 from Barr, and you need a way to either explain it away, which you cannot, or discredit Muldoon, which you cannot without lying about the facts.
    To accuse Patrick of hypocrisy under these circumstances would be equivalent to asserting that the person who eats a meal at a place serving alcohol is a drunk and a hypocrite because someone else went to the bar at the same place and got drunk .

    Sound stupid?
    If so, you got my point.
    Since you seem to enjoy making up stories, here is a hypothetical situation for you;
    Even if the money had come from the lobbying agency, which it did not, there would still be no comparison between receiving a campaign donation from a firm that represented Barr on a generic drug
    ( which Patrick and the law firm did not), and actively soliciting money directly from Barr Labs.(which Bolling did).

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