Deeds dismissive of any NRA endorsement

Sen. Creigh Deeds, candidate for governor in Virginia, completely dismisses a potential NRA endorsement during a recent debate amongst candidates for the Democratic nomination. The Deeds quip takes him much further to the left than he previously has campaigned.

  • I bet he wanted to change the subject. After all, he is currently trying to win Democrat votes.

    Things might be different when his constituents votes are sought, or if he gets the governor nomination and those endorsements will be seen as a plus to independents and disenfranchised conservatives that don’t like “One gun a month” Bob’s record on gun control.

  • Stonewall Brigade

    If Moran or TMac get the D nomination Bob M will get the NRA endorsement. Bob did have the bad vote from 1992 but he learned from his mistake and has had a strong record supporting gun rights since 1995 when he got the endorsement of NRA over his Dem. sherriff who he beat by a wide margin.

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  • The more I hear about Deeds, the more I like him as well.

    I look at this as being that he is willing to stand on his record before the NRA and if the NRA endorses him for his record, then so be it. He is not going to change his position to please the NRA.

    I am thinking that the problem for both Deeds and McAuliffe is that they are splitting the moderate Democrat and independent vote that might vote in the Democratic primaries. Moran might win the primary because of his solid appeal amongst the liberal base.

  • It seems to me that the Republicans are not having a primary this year.

    Republicans — vote for Deeds!

  • Lanny Lehto

    Don’t tell me that guns do not cause crime! When I was a kid, we settled our differences with our fists. Now that everyone has a gun the kids shoot each other and innocent people in the way.

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