Americans for Prosperity Takes the “Save My Ballot Tour” to Hampton Roads

Over 150 activists, small business owners, and workers gathered in Chesapeake on Saturday to demonstrate their support for the Secret Ballot on the South Hampton Roads stop of the Save My Ballot Tour.

“The right to a secret ballot is the bedrock of our Democracy and must be defended,” said Rosemary Wilson, Virginia Beach City Council member who kicked off the event.

“Today showed that Virginians are not going to sit by quietly and let union bosses rob workers of that most sacred right, the right to a secret ballot election,” added AFP Virginia Director Ben Marchi.

Americans for Prosperity has been leading the charge in Virginia to protect the secret ballot and prevent the enactment of the so-called Employee Free Choice ACT (HR 1409, S.560) also known as the Card Check legislation. If enacted, the Card Check legislation would take away nearly all traditional union organizing elections.

It would also force many companies and their employees to enter into binding arbitration hearings determining contracts, with the federal government deciding winners and losers. In short, government bureaucrats would wind up telling businesses how to operate without any recourse on the part of the business owner or the employee.

Rosemary Wilson continued, “No one in this great nation of ours should be forced to vote while facing public intimidation and pressure. We are here today to send a message to Senators Warner and Webb that the workers and voters of South Hampton Roads support the right to a secret ballot, and encourage them to vote against the so-called Employee Free Choice Act.”

In addition Delegate John Cosgrove, R-78th, and Tito the Builder spoke in support of worker’s and business owner’s rights.

The Employee Free Choice ACT is still being debated in the Congress, and neither Warner or Webb has definitively announced positions.

  • I am one who is a little torn by the union issue.

    But I do not yet understand why it is better for the workers to express their opinion through Card Check then it would be to continue with the secret ballot.

    Someone needs to explain to me just how the rights of workers are being deprived as long as they are allowed to vote in secret!

  • A group of union folks approach someone and say “you DO want to sign this card, don’t you” vs. a secret ballot.

    Right now, a sufficient number of card checks trigger a secret ballot to decide to start a union. If this passes, they can skip the election and start the union based on the number of cards.

  • In an attempt to explore this issue further:

    At VBDems David Campbell claims the Card Check is apt to be thrown overboard in order to get the rest of the pro-union legislation passed. If this happens, what is wrong with the rest of it?

  • Tyler Craddock

    Well, for one, there is the provision stating that if after a certain period of time there is no agreement on a initial union contract, then a government arbitrator is going to come in and DICTATE terms. That’s right, the government is going to dictate terms to a private enterprise.

    Of course, one may prefer that the government have the power to dictate terms to a private company. If one does, then I suppose this reason will not have any effect on that person. 🙂

  • The other part (besides the force arbitration -very bad-) is stiffer penalties for companies violated organization laws.

    The card check can lead to voter intimidation and pressure. Some will sign the card just to get away. Sufficient cards as explained earlier can force the issue. The company will demand a secret ballot. If there was no genuine desire to unionize, the secret ballot votes will be legitimate. There will be no pressure or intimidation. There is something inherently American about secret ballots. We don’t allow voter intimidation on election day, why allow that somewhere important to your daily existence…….work.

    You don’t want forced arbitration settlements. The government in power at the time has too much power to punish industires that favor the opposition. Think about how the IRS is used to routinely Audit big name rivals and talk show hosts. Think of why the Clintons might want FBI files on Republican congressman. Maybe Bush took liberties with warrantless wiretaps and the Patriot Act(Surely all those Dems are commies helping the terrorists). You DON”T want that kind of power in partisan hands.

    Stiffer penalties against companies that break labor organization laws…..that’s the only part of “Forced” Choice Act that I could possibly suport.

  • Tyler Craddock


    Of course, there are not any enhanced penalties for unions that violate organization laws….just for employers.

  • Lol, Tyler that will come when we have a Republican president.

    Your mention of that advantage slanted to unions just further demonstrates the willingness in congress to punish the supporters of the opposition party.

    Everyone should keep that in mind when government asks for more power over us. Sooner or later, you’ll get abused unjustly.

    Limited government! Limited Government. This idea of the two parties taking turns playing the predator really needs to stop.

  • Lynn Fairchild Martin

    Check out Virginians for Workplace Fairness at and Americans for Prosperity at for detailed information on the ramifications of EFCA and Card Check. Both are adamant about fighting the bill, and Virginians for Workplace Fairness has an enormous resource of information.

  • You guys keep pointing back to Card Check. But what if Card Check is dropped?

    I will acknowledge that Tyler Craddock dealt with this sans Card Check.

    Tyler, government arbitration in the past has been used and at times this arbitration was most certainly called for. Would the legislation prevent the employer continuing business through employing a new workforce?

  • Americans for Prosperity is led by Tim Phillips, who was a former partner with Ralph Reed’s Century Strategies. That organization became well-known when it was revealed in a Senate investigation that convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff was laundering money through Century Strategies and Americans for Tax Reform to oppose legislation that his Indian tribe clients wanted to defeat.

    More here:

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