Glenn Nye likes war now

Less than 4 months into his Congressional term, little Glenn Nye has suddenly ditched the “move on dot org” inspired anti-war rhetoric and now sounds almost like George W. Bush.

In the latest Virginian-Pilot campaign ad unbiased reporting article, they shower little Nye with praise for “praising the war effort” and “warning of instability.”

“Nye said American troops and commanders he met in Afghanistan “made a convincing case” in support of recent increases in American forces”

Isn’t it amazing that when Democrats whine about pulling back on national security issues to win elections, they get in office and see the real intel and do EXACTLY what their predecessors would’ve done? Bill Clinton made a career out of it, when he wasn’t asking Monica Lewinsky to put down the pizza.

For anti-war Democrats who cheered the victories of Democrats who you thought were different from those so-called “warmongering Republicans” – ya got used.

Hope ya at least got a kiss in the morning.

  • I am one of those guys who voted for Glenn Nye.

    I am grateful he is taking a nuanced approach to foreign policy since he took office. This is what I was hoping for when I voted for him. I was not certain I was going to get it, but Brian seems to prove I am getting at least some of what I was hoping for when I cast my vote.

  • Suzie

    Dale Eisman, Pilot reporter/Dem campaign hack, is such a partisan tool. Drake said the exact same thing over and over after returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. Nye is such a toal f’ing loser. We’re gonna kick his ass out of congress in ’10.

  • Mitch

    Nye – “Pakistan needs to do more to fight the Taliban.” No shit, Sherlock. You had to go all the way to Afghanistan to figure this out. And what, exactly, would you have them do? Perhaps rely on US weapons to kill the bad guys? They’re already doing that! Nye is such a moron…Georgetown degree, former Foreign Service, US AID contractor…BFD! He is a Pelosi Partisan and more people are learning this every day.

  • Mark

    BK doesn’t like anything that doesn’t fit his worldview as explained to him by Rush and Hannity, and he certainly doesn’t get nuance. Regardless, he knows Nye will be serving in Congress for many years even without his support…

    PS – does anyone “like” war? Do you?

  • Mark takes any issue I write about and makes it a personal attack against me.

    I’d call Mark’s responses “pavlovian” but i don’t want to insult any dogs.

  • There were reasons to vote against Thelma Drake beyond the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least for me.

    The straw that broke the camels back in my case was her gushing support for the Fair-tax or at least a flat tax.

    I am appreciative that Glenn Nye seems to have at least a somewhat moderate position in some of his opinions. At least he does not seem to only consult the most left wing ideology using it as a checklist before he casts his vote.

  • Mark

    BK never actually defends any of his positions, as that would require thought – something he seems incapable of, instead his standard response is to either offer a personal attack, or to hide in a corner and weep “personal attack, personal attack.” He’s a typical GOP chicken-hawk.

  • LD, what a coincidence. Ya know what the only thing that got me to vote for Thelma when Kellam a good conservative democrat ran against her? His campaign attacked her alleged support of the Fair Tax. That term she was just carrying too much water for anything good or bad that Bush wanted. She loved every measure used to spy on innocent Americans. Now how does she feel about it now that Democrats have all the spy power? How does Russ Feingold feel now that his party has them? He still screaming about privacy and unconstituionality? Hmmm…

    Nye only won because of Obama. Nye showed his true colors when he ran to defend Charlie Rangel. Hardly what I’d call not checking a list. Hah! Nye blew it already. All he had to do is go Owen Pickett on us and you might have had that conservative seat for several more years.

  • Marky-Mark, again you accuse me of personal attacks while attacking me in the same sentence multiple times.

    Ouch! Now I know what the guy in a nearby bunk to you must feel like.

    you arrrreeeeee such a maaaaan!

    I’ll defend my position (what position do you like, sweetheart?) as soon as you come close to challenging it.

  • Britt Howard,

    I guess we each have to make up our minds about what we support. When Thelma ran against Phil, you emerged victorious. When Glenn ran against Thelma I emerged victorious.

    My vote was largely (but not entirely) weighted by the flat tax issue. Crossing my red line meant your were no longer suitable and I voted for both Phil (in defeat, narrow miss) and Glenn (impressive victory). Some times you win and some times you lose.

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