Glenn Nye likes war now

Less than 4 months into his Congressional term, little Glenn Nye has suddenly ditched the “move on dot org” inspired anti-war rhetoric and now sounds almost like George W. Bush.

In the latest Virginian-Pilot campaign ad unbiased reporting article, they shower little Nye with praise for “praising the war effort” and “warning of instability.”

“Nye said American troops and commanders he met in Afghanistan “made a convincing case” in support of recent increases in American forces”

Isn’t it amazing that when Democrats whine about pulling back on national security issues to win elections, they get in office and see the real intel and do EXACTLY what their predecessors would’ve done? Bill Clinton made a career out of it, when he wasn’t asking Monica Lewinsky to put down the pizza.

For anti-war Democrats who cheered the victories of Democrats who you thought were different from those so-called “warmongering Republicans” – ya got used.

Hope ya at least got a kiss in the morning.