Frederick remains consistent

With yesterday’s announcement that Pat Mullins is running for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and Sandy Liddy-Bourne will be Mullins “Victory Virginia” chair, has Jeff Frederick decided whether he is running for election to the post again?

According to an email from Frederick, “As I have said fairly consistently, I am considering it.”

At this point, for the May 2 meeting of the State Central Committee, many of the Executive Committee members are supporting the Mullins candidacy, but not all, according to one source.

Mullins is considered a success story, quadrupling the Louisa County Committee membership in just a year; he also has strong ties to Fairfax.

According to the RPV Party Plan, the State Central Committee is permitted to fill vacancies for chairman by a simple majority vote at the next duly called meeting (May 2), but at the next state convention, must elect a chairman to serve-out the remainder of the term (in this case, the chairman’s term ends in 2012).

Generally, in the call for a convention, there is a specification for pre-filing requirements for office. In this case, the call was issued before removal procedures were completed. After scanning the party web site, I see no information as to when a candidate for chairman must file/signal their intent to the party.

  • Lee Talley

    Well now… if it is not provided for under the call to the Convention then it sounds to me May 2nd becomes a much more important date. We may not be able to elect a chairman at this convention but at the next convention where it is legally put into the call.

  • Aaron

    They will have to figure out some way to amend the call or make a floor amendment for the election of a chairman. If they fail to do so there will be chaos at the convention.

  • Please make this douchebag go away!

  • Lee Talley

    This is a clear sign that Jeff does need to go away.. even if people out there support him there is no point in completely blowing ones own foot off to do this. Better to run for his HoD seat and get the backing he’s actually earned and serve the people of PWC like he has done from the beginning.

  • I doubt he could get re-elected to the HOD after the damage done to his reputation through this fiasco. His wife would do no better. I hope they find a good GOP candidate down there.

  • not Jfred

    Jfred just wants to keep his self absorbed self in the news in some way. He is history and has far fewer supporters now than he did several weeks ago. Major prior backers have told him to stay away. Many of those who drank his kool aide are looking forward and not backward to him.

  • David

    The Call includes “the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the convention” as one of the stated purposes on the Convention, so the election of the Chairman should proceed. Moreover, since there will be no state conventions in 2010 or 2011 (no statewide offices) the next state convention after this year will be in 2012, when the next regular election for Chairman takes place.

    Also, it should be noted that the 2008 State Convention Call did not include pre-filing requirements for offices to be elected, so while it is common to include pre-filing requirements in the call for a convention, it is not required and it is not always done.

  • The Rules of the Convention should determine when the final date someone could file their intent to run for RPV Chairman.

  • Stonewall Brigade

    Mullins will be a strong candidate. he is liked by most who know him. My prediction is that Mullins will have an impressive list of conservative activist who will endorse him shortly after the SCC installs him as Chair. What JFred does really will not matter.

  • Lee Talley

    Well all I am saying is… The convention rules will be decided on the floor. If chairman of the convention and the rules committee ignores Jeff he will again be embarrassed. “Piddy da Fool” as Mr T would say.

  • not Russ Moulton

    There will be other, more conservative, candidate(s). And no, not named Frederick … at least I certainly hope not.


  • Jack Smith

    What you’ve got to understand is that Frederick’s vast, grass-roots organization will return him to control of RPV without question. The thing Republicans should be afraid of is the question of whether the party loses him to a third-party run for governor. Frederick is a great man with a great many ideas. I have watched him put on overalls, hop into an old, beat-up pick-up truck and travel from farmhouse to farmhouse in rural Virginia. He stops in to visit and the inhabitants light up, with his powerful rays of hope and conservatism brightening their otherwise benighted lives. He sits and drinks a cup of coffee with them and speaks to them in a voice they can understand while they now live happily for the rest of their lives from such a visit.

    Frederick’s background is also well-renowned. In college, he destroyed a statewide College Republican organization, rather than allow it to fall victim to RINOs. He served this country as a decorated combat veteran in the Franco-Belgian troubles for at least twelve months in the Naval Reserve before receiving his honorable discharge and deciding to dedicate his life to providing Virginia Republicans with the leadership they need. I also understand from classified sources that Jeff may have trained the SEALs that recently rescued an American merchant captain from Somali pirates. During the 2008 campaign, Jeff was able to prioritize and put certain campaigns on ice (McCain, Gilmore, etc.) and focus on those of greater import while traveling to Israel for important negotiations, the purpose of which will be disclosed later. I am not a Frederick fanatic, nor am I insane, but I plan to stand proudly with Jeff Frederick and his beautiful wife (female) at the state convention and demand his reinstatement as RPV chair. With leadership like Jeff Frederick’s, America can be number one again.

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