Frederick remains consistent

With yesterday’s announcement that Pat Mullins is running for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and Sandy Liddy-Bourne will be Mullins “Victory Virginia” chair, has Jeff Frederick decided whether he is running for election to the post again?

According to an email from Frederick, “As I have said fairly consistently, I am considering it.”

At this point, for the May 2 meeting of the State Central Committee, many of the Executive Committee members are supporting the Mullins candidacy, but not all, according to one source.

Mullins is considered a success story, quadrupling the Louisa County Committee membership in just a year; he also has strong ties to Fairfax.

According to the RPV Party Plan, the State Central Committee is permitted to fill vacancies for chairman by a simple majority vote at the next duly called meeting (May 2), but at the next state convention, must elect a chairman to serve-out the remainder of the term (in this case, the chairman’s term ends in 2012).

Generally, in the call for a convention, there is a specification for pre-filing requirements for office. In this case, the call was issued before removal procedures were completed. After scanning the party web site, I see no information as to when a candidate for chairman must file/signal their intent to the party.