RTD: Politicizing Tech

Earlier this week, we noted that it was unseemly for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to attempt to use the Virginia Tech tragedy as a political statement on gun control…especially when the current gun laws played absolutely no role in the event.

Today, The Richmond Times-Dispatch also notes that what Bloomberg and anti-gun advocates did had no merit.

Cho did not buy his guns at a show. A closed gun-show loophole would not have prevented him from obtaining his weapons….Although the gun-show loophole long has been a topic for debate and has a place on the agenda, adding Tech to the mix crosses the line.

Gov. Tim Kaine and Attorney General Bob McDonnell worked together to close the mental health loophole that enabled Cho to purchase his weapons. According to the editorial, they did the right thing as Virginians, and not for political points. Unfortunately, Mayor Bloomberg and his anti-gun allies don’t seem to understand that.