Wagner has terrible fundraising quarter

Despite being a full-time candidate and having multiple fundraisers, Jody Wagner only managed to raise $375K this quarter ($400K in the bank). That’s just $73K more raised than Bolling, who did not host any fundraisers, only was allowed to accept donations for the month of March, and has more than $1.3 million in the bank.

Clearly in January, Wagner didn’t forecast these revenue projections.

Also, according to sources, her Democratic nomination competitors Mark Signer has $250K in the bank and Jon Bowerbank has $400K (more than $200K than he had at the end of last quarter).

  • What a miserable bunch of candidates the Dems have had for LG. Between Muldoon and whatever Dem survives, Bolling will have a cakewalk to his second term.

  • Ashlee

    Hello – Bolling is the incumbent. Of course fundraising is easier for him because people will pay him money to get his immediate vote on issues they want to manipulate. Duh.

  • David A.

    It’s because Jody Wagner is a bad candidate. She lost once running for the VA-2 seat and she did a terrible job as Treasurer and an even worse job as Secretary of Finance. Let’s also be honest about her political beliefs…she is not a moderate Democrat, she’s quite liberal.

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