Virginia GOP YouTube site “pranked”

A video that featured two women kissing has been taken down from VAGOPTV – The RPV’s YouTube channel.

According to Gerry Scimeca, the party’s communication director, the video appears to have been a “prank.”

He also said the RPV is taking steps to ensure the site isn’t compromised again.

  • Was it an inside or an outside job?

  • Pranked? Are you serious?

  • Apparently the password was compromised.

  • The video had been made a favorite a month ago which also appeared to be the last time anyone had logged in before today.

    How long has the password been compromised? Has anyone at RPV been maintaining the YouTube channel?

  • I guess they were all too busy defending Frederick!

  • john harvie

    Loudoun Insider:

    What a waste of time that was, anyway.

    Hopefully, without Mr. F. at the helm the party will be back on an even keel.

  • Jeremy Hinton

    Wait, so the RPV youtube channel had a lesbian lovefest vid listed among its favorites on its main page, and no one noticed for a month?? That’s some mighty effective outreach. My employer’s twitter page gets more action, which is really pretty sad.

  • Mike Wade

    Only four folks had the password, two are women not capable of that video and the other two are Jeff Frederick and Gerry Scimeca. Also for the record Mr. Scimeca is no longer with the Party effective tomorrow. The last of this dynamic duo will allow the Party to present a more mature and level headed media presence.

  • It never ends.

  • Mike Wade

    Facts, Britt just the facts not f’ing kook aid.

  • This must be more of the lynching jihad conspiracy against Jeff Frederick! How dare they!

  • Darrell — Chesapeake

    “not f’ing kook aid.”

    Mature, level headed. Kooks need not apply. The upcoming convention should be a real blast.

  • Francis Urquhart

    Until the RPV gets rid of poisonous insects like Frederick, they’re hopeless. This has nothing to do with moderate vs. conservative. The guy is a nutcase. Ask those from his past, even back to his College Republican days. This newspaper cartoon says it all:

  • You’re still on this Francis? He lost already.

    But go ahead and bring out his college days. For that matter how about the time in Elementary School when he wouldn’t share his gum with the rest of his friends.

    He was fired as chairman, now get over it.

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