Can an editorial board at least agree with itself?

They say two kinds of entertainment thrive in a recession: Comedy and Horror.

After reading today’s Virginian-Pilot editorial, I’m not sure which one our newspaper has become.

The Pilot awoke today and suddenly discovered that there’s this thing in the sky called “the sun,” when someone drops a rock (or a subscription) it falls, and “Federal stimulus dollars can’t last forever.”

Amazing. And here I was with everyone else thinking they could last forever.

Because up until now, the Pilot has been foursquare in favor of spending every last penny and more to avert the crisis and calamity of (fill in the blank here).

Just 3 days ago, the Virginian-Pilot whined like Barney Frank in a Banking committee hearing when Republicans said “stimulus money won’t last forever” in regards to changing Virginia law regarding who gets unemployment checks.

The Pilot called Republicans’ reasoning “both spurious and embarrassing.” Today, that reasoning is the headline of their editorial.

Of course, 3 days ago they had a mission – attack Republicans who might run in November. Did they mention the name of a single legislator from Hampton Roads????

Not one. None. For some reason, this South Hampton Roads newspaper (not even big enough to cross the water into Newport News or Hampton) reached all the way up to Northern Virginia to cite Sen. Ken Cuccinelli and criticize him.


If Cuccinelli wins the GOP nomination for Attorney General, the Pilot’s editorial board will call him and ask him for an interview for their “undecided and non-partisan” endorsement, as if he had a chance of getting it.

So, on Friday the Pilot attacks Republicans for opposing permanent spending increases based on temporary stimulus spending, and then they wake up Monday screaming like Jack Woltz in the Godfather about all this spending based on stimulus money that won’t last forever.

Perhaps it’s neither comedy nor horror. But it definitely is a tragedy.