Is Deeds Dropping Out?

Editors Update: “At no point did anyone associated with the Wagner campaign make this assertion,” wrote Elisabeth Pearson, Wagner’s campaign manager. “We’re fortunate to have three great candidates for Governor. All three are running great campaigns and Jody would be honored to be on the ballot with any of them.”

We are seeking to find out why there is a difference in what was reported and what the campaign is saying.

As for whether Deeds is dropping out, there certainly is evidence to the contrary. He just released an announcement that he collected approximately 16,000 signatures and that the campaign has “momentum.” It also says that they are “running a truly statewide effort to get out the vote on June 9th and the campaign has offices in Charlottesville, Richmond, Portsmouth, and Alexandria.”

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Last night at their Richmond office kick off, Jody Wagner staffers told Bearing Drift that Creigh Deeds was withdrawing from the Democratic race for Governor.  Coming from the front runner for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor that’s a big blow for Deeds who is currently polling third in the race behind Brian Moran and Terry McAulliffe.

This comes after yesterday’s story from Anita Kumar at the Washington Post that Deeds will not be at this April’s annual Shad Planking:

Instead, Deeds will spend April 15 in southwest Virginia with U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.) to try to woo undecided voters.

“Creigh Deeds and Congressman Boucher will make several stops across Southwest Virginia to talk with undecided voters about the Deeds plan to put Virginia’s hard-working families first,” said Joe Abbey, Deeds’ campaign manager. “Creigh looks forward to attending next year’s Shad Planking as the governor of Virginia.”

Deeds’ family still plans to attend the event.

Maybe he’ll be attending the Abington Tea Party instead.

  • GOP4Ever

    Say it ain’t so. We need as much intra party fighting as possible.

  • This would be great for us, as Deeds is the only Democrat that could pull significant Republican voters away from McDonnell. Moran and McAuliffe are both way too far to the left.

  • 1. I’m hearing that this isn’t true.

    2. Polling suggests that Moran might pull more Republican votes than you might think.

  • Joel, I saw that poll. Do you think Republicans are honestly supporting Moran as that poll suggests? Do you think they’ll show up June 9th in the Democrat primary, and if they do, is it anything but Operation Chaos part 2 to beat McAuliffe in June rather than November?

    Either the poll is wrong and those Republicans aren’t Dem primary voters, or they’re going to show up to muck things up. You can’t honestly believe that Moran has GOP support in a General election.

  • GOP4Ever

    In a perfect GOP world Creigh, Brian and Terry would fight tooth and nails for the nomination. In the process slinging mud at each other. They would all make it to the primary. Brian would win. Their respective supporters would stay divided and Bob would become the 71st Gov of the Commonwealth.

  • I said it’s what the poll suggests….just as you did. The sampling of Republicans was small anyway, only 3% of respondents. However, I did find it very interesting that Moran was favored by a margin of 31 points over both Deeds and McAuliffe.

    I don’t think many Republicans are going to vote in June. 3% = likely Republicans who are voting in the Democratic primary?

  • I’d read 31% as “we’d rather have Moran to beat than the other two”

  • Look Joel, I REALLY dislike Bob McDonnell. I sure don’t want to vote for him.

    However, Brian Moran is a far lefty. He is also a big time enviornmentalist. I know that plays well with you and Eileen but, to me that is too much to ignore and vote for the guy. Understandably, he’s a favorite in the left of center crowd and Sierra Club democrats.

    Terry McAwful has the money. That’s his advantage. His DNC partisanship coupled with his “carpet bagger” status however, will be enough to energize Republicans that are soft on McDonnell. They’ll hold their noses and vote for Bob “one gun a month” McDonnell. Some but, not all.

    Creigh Deeds has been described as “too conservative for me” by Vivian Paige. Creigh Deeds also has gotten gun lobby endorsements. If you want a PRETEND conservative democrat, go for the whore, Terry McAwful. If you want a real conservative democrat that will steal GOP votes in a time of post J. Frederick lynching bad blood, put up Creigh Deeds.

    You guys can try to paint Moran as conservative all you want. It will be just too damn easy to destroy that facade with Moran’s record and the enviornmentalist agenda he has. What you like about Moran, really is a turn off to us. I couldn’t vote for him.

    You have disaffected people that really are upset with McDonnell. I would suggest you’d listen but, the Moran colored glasses you’re wearing won’t let you see that. Or will you be objective and see it for what it really is?

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  • My two cents: I don’t see how Deeds can win the nomination at this point. Therefore, why not withdraw? The only way Deeds can win is with a large Republican crossover vote in the Democratic primary.

    BTW, Britt, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established by the Nixon Administration.

  • tx2vadem


    The election is 7 months away. Is there a really a big contingent of disaffected Republicans that are going to still be upset come November and vote for Deeds (if he were the nominee)? I would think that this would be a quixotic pursuit like McCain trying to pickup disaffected Hillary supporters. At the end of the day, I would think Republicans would say to themselves: “There are genuine differences even between Deeds and McDonnell, and so despite my dissatisfaction now, I will vote for McDonnell.” It does sound more plausible that Deeds might be able to pull this off though. I have a hard time thinking this would be an appreciable figure though.

    I think the ideological alignment of the state parties serves as a barrier to both Deeds getting the Democratic nomination and for an appreciable number of Republicans crossing over for him in the general. I think if it was a two person race, Moran would have easily beat Deeds. But with Terry in the mix, it’s anybody’s game now. I can’t wait to see the finance reports for the last quarter.

  • You make good points Tex.
    The number of po’d conservatives should diminish over that time period. I still say there would be some but, your point is a good one. At that point then it will be a question of candidates getting out the vote and whatever the swing votes like more.

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