Jeff Frederick Removed As Chairman

Jeff Frederick has been removed as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. He only received 18 votes in support.

  • Karl Warner

    THANK GOD!!! good riddance and hit the road … both Fredericks!

  • Wow…This saga is far from over. We have not heard the last from Jeff Frederick or his supporters.

    We just need to unite and rally around McDonnell-Bolling ticket.

  • Tom

    The CC BLOWS! Talk about not listening to the grassroots, but now we’ll get RINOs as candidates.
    I’m no longer giving any money, time or effort for you scumbags…

  • Tom, if you promise to hit the bricks (and not let the door hit you where the good lord split you) I can have five supporters and actual grassroots people come in to take your place.
    The Libertarians are looking for some folks.
    Oh. you were one of them already, just trying to impact Republican process?

  • As a grassroots activist, I haven’t yet met another activist who supported Jeff Frederick. Most everyone I know who were initially excited by his election have since reached the conclusion that the RPV would be better led by someone else. I just hope we can hang together as a party to elect Bob McDonnell, reelect Bill Bolling and elect our eventual nominee for attorney general. As a student of political science, I fear that if we lose the governor’s mansion for another four years, Virginia’s evolution into “the Blue Dominion” will be complete.

  • DCH

    I’m disappointed.

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  • Tom, as The Bulletproof Monk stated, you are indeed welcome to join the Libertarian party. We’d be glad to have you.

    Given what’s happend, I don’t see returning to the Republican party. What voice would I have? There is no place for me there anymore.

    That’s ok. It doesn’t mean that I can’t still support good conservatives that just happen to be Republican. As you guys were busy executing one of your own, I was at a fund raiser for Ken Cuccinelli at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News. While the RPV was busy imploding elsewhere, I was writing out a check to the Cuccinelli campaign.

    It was good to see Cuccinelli, Pogge, and Gear there. I also saw some people from my side of the water. The HRBT may have been more conservative today. Someone even commented on my BD posts. Thanks to Cary for the invite.

    So, go ahead, politically assassinate somebody else. I’ll likely be doing something to support Bill Bolling while the tigers are eating their young.

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