Did Frederick Use RPV Resources For Wife’s Campaign?

Another breaking twist on Jeff Frederick from Contemporary Conservative.  A former RPV staffer wishing to remain nameless claims to have been forced by Frederick to create Amy Frederick’s campaign anoncement video:

While I was working at RPV, I was instructed from higher ups to direct, shoot and edit Amy Frederick’s campaign announcement video. I had originally questioned whether or not this was a conflict of interest seeing that she is the Chairman’s wife and she was not officially a candidate or even the nominee, but I was told that she was allowed to utilize RPV’s resources and it was non of my concern.

If true, this is in violation of RPV rules that prohibit the party from involving its resources in the nominating process.

Tomorrow morning the Republican Party State Central Committee will meet to decide whether or not to remove Jeff Frederick as Chairman of the RPV.  Bearing Drift will be covering events live from location.

  • A FORMER RPV staffer? Forced?

    Forced in what way? Physically? At the point of a gun? Well, Mr. Nameless, if what you said is true and this isn’t just last minute piling on before the “big lynching”, you like the Nazis, were just following orders? You have no guilt? Is that why you’re “nameless”.

    Jason, I still like your articles here but, using a “nameless” source just smacks of one of the things we despise the “Left of Center Mainstream Media” for.

    I will sooooooo be glad when this is over.

  • Lee Talley

    I dont care about the source its the fact that the video was made using RPV resources… Sometime I may want to run for dog catcher, can someone from RPV come down here and video tape me and make a produced video of it…
    Come on. This is so inappropriate!!!!

  • Lee, the point is that the source may be lying. Especially as a “former” possibly disgruntled source.

    You expect nameless sources to be given full credit like the MSM does? Unbelievable. If so, I’ll quote you on it when the MSM blasts another Republican with an another nameless source.

  • Sic Semper Tyranis


    The source is not anonymous. The original story posted at the Contemporary Conservative identifies the source with the initials M.A., to wit:

    “Read this statement from a former RPV Staffer who was ordered to make a campaign ad for Amy Frederick for Delegate while this Staffer was still employed by RPV!! This former RPV Staffer, with the initials M.A., was forced to make the below video of Amy during the last week of the 2009 General Assembly session.

    This is the statement from the RPV Staffer: “While I was working at RPV, I was instructed from higher ups to direct, shoot and edit Amy Frederick’s campaign announcement video. I had originally questioned whether or not this was a conflict of interest seeing that she is the Chairman’s wife and she was not officially a candidate or even the nominee, but I was told that she was allowed to utilize RPV’s resources and it was non of my concern” —signed M.A., former RPV Staffer.”

    Step away from the Kool-Aid, sell your property at the Jim Jones compound in Guyana, and ask Frederick who M.A. is. Better yet, ask Amy.

    Link here: http://thecontemporaryconservative.blogspot.com/2009/04/breakingrpv-staff-forced-to-create.html

  • If they’re going to give out their initials they might as well identify themselves. And show up tommorrow to provide first hand testimony.

    Who do the Fredericks think they are, the Clintons??? This is definitely Cult of Personality stuff here.

  • Larry Sabato’s Hairpiece


    Even if the guy wasn’t “forced” and could have declined, the fact that he worked for the party and used party resources to create the video is still a violation of the Party plan.

    I am sure we can count on Jeff to offer the same services to Amy’s opponent in the primary, right?

    At what point does the continuing exposure of more and more information proving that this guy has no business in the job hit the tipping point for guys like you? Or to ask this a different way, Britt, do you think Frederick is doing a great job growing the party, working with our candidates (other than his wife), and running RPV well? If so, care to share your evidence?

  • PWConservative

    I Really doubt that Jeff had RPV’s staff make Rafael Lopez a video.

  • Lee Talley


    Read this… its the Gods honest truth. The existence of our very party is at state tomorrow and its not over some conservative vs moderate argument its about how one man used you to gain power and then misused that power for his own gain. Its the sad disgusting truth. Those documents are out there its all sad proof in the public record. Its not my word or the words of anyone else

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  • NoVA Scout

    I suppose the new policy is that RPV will back every R candidate in nominating contests (including providing production of campaign tapes), including those who want to run against Mrs. Frederick. Must be nice to have the resources to do this. I can remember when RPV had real financial limitations.

  • Ok, then tell me who M.A. is and I’ll give you some credit for what you’re saying about the former staff you claim as a credible source.

    Hairpiece, there is no justification needed for Frederick’s performance. The RPV was taking horrendous hits before Frederick. To not even give him a year before an all out assault is not what I call giving him a chance to do his job. However, there are some positive things to point to even though he inherited a disaster and is continually under attack.

    The RPV has taken positive steps in the use of technology. Take something simple like a web site. Yea, that isn’t a big accomplishment but, when you compare it to what was available before………….

    The whole “twittergate” thing was an embarassment. It should have been about taking advantage of confusion and infighting in the Democrat party. That confusion should have been highlighted. Which Frederick did, but you guys spun it into an attack on your own guy and pretended that there was going to be a real defection. Hate to break it to you but, ……..he was never gonna leave the Dem. party. Perhaps Twitter is a bad idea in the first place however, the fact that new things are being tried is indeed a positive and something to build on. Where is the confusion and infighting now? The RPV. The Dems have to be loving this.

    What has Frederick done? Guys like him and Gary Byler made me have thoughts about returning to the RPV. I was thinking for a second that you didn’t HAVE to be a RINO in order to have a voice. I thought, maybe conservatism was making a come back and the story I get fed about working from inside might even have some merit.

    Not that it matters. What happens today happens, and all must make personal decisions regarding the outcomes.

  • Larry Sabato’s Hairpiece

    So he made a website…after six months…that’s all you can point to?

    Were things bad under previous chairs? Sure. But he was supposed to make them better. He sold a big plan and then accomplished almost none of it. And I don’t think it takes a whole year to see the direction he is moving the train. It’s pretty clear he has no clue what he’s doing.

    There are plenty of solid conservatives who can give you and me–and I am as conservative as they come–a voice. I just want one that can do the job competently. Why is it that the Frederick people have such a problem articulating any real accomplishments under the guy’s tenure (a website that took six months? That’s it?) and keep falling back to ideology when that is not the issue at hand?

  • Sic Semper Tyranis


    The name of the person that was ordered to shoot the video of Amy Frederick is Ann Mecurio…the former head of “New Media” for RPV.

    Now give some credit so I can roll around on the floor like a crocidile in heat

  • no tim boyer

    I thought the person that briefly did “new media”- facebook, twitter, et al., was mary ann mancuso.

  • I heard from the inside today that Frederick’s excuse for this was that it was to be a model for other candidates to follow. Give me a break. The video is horrible anyway, but to use his wife and her announcement for the “model”.

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  • Lynn Fairchild Martin

    Why was this even in the Saturday night e-mail? This is over. Leave it that way. The first post of the e-mail should have been all that needed to be said any longer.

    As for shortly before 4:00pm, Saturday afternoon, Jeff Frederick was removed as RPV Chairman. End of it.

  • Lynn, this was included in the Saturday night email because it was posted shortly after the Friday night email was sent. The email subscription service merely grabs the Bearing Drift feed from the day and sends it. Unfortunately that does sometimes impact the timely manner of the posts.

  • Sic Semper Tyranis

    Not Tim Boyer:

    The name of the RPV new media person that was forced to do the Amy Frederick ad against her will is in fact mary ann mancuso. I f’ed the name up earlier…..

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