Where Was Jeff Frederick?

It’s Mid-September, 2008.  Election day is six weeks away and Virginia is a battleground state, teetering on the brink of not only voting for a Democratic Presidential nominee for the first time in over a generation but also in risk of losing three Congressional seats and former Governor Jim Gilmore risk being swept in every county in his Senatorial race against former Governor Mark Warner.

Virginia grassroots Republicans are fighting in the trenches, trying their best to keep this scenario from happening.

And Chairman Jeff Frederick plays hookie:

From: Jeff Frederick <[email protected]>
To: ——@votejeff.com <——@votejeff.com>
Cc: ——— ——– <———@rpv.org>
Sent: Sun Sep 14 11:10:13 2008
Subject: Info/Talking points about my trip

Three things about this trip:

1. It is state-related. I’m going with other legislators (and I am still a legislator) and has an economic development component to it (this past week, the Governor signed an agreement with Israel on some of this stuff).

2. It is church/religion related for me personally.

3. I am not a paid chairman; I have other jobs.

Don’t volunteer to people that I’m gone — just make like everything is normal, and as always, tell folks that I respond quicker over email.

I don’t think many people will know I’m taking this trip, since I will be active on email throughout for at least a few hours each day (likely from about 2-5pm EST), and my phone will work to get calls (although it is very expensive, so I may not answer) and text messages (less expensive). In other words, I’ll be almost as plugged in there as I am here in communicating.

If you need a quick answer from me urgently, try to text message me (I’m told that will work).

Lastly, there is emergency contact info in my calendar, which Amy, Kathy, Gerry, and Allison all have access to.


When Virginia grassroots Republicans needed him the most, Jeff Frederick  went AWOL and did not want anyone to know he was gone.

Instead of knocking on doors for Mark Ellmore, Jeff Frederick was hanging out in expensive hotels with his opponent, Rep. Jim Moran.

Instead of making phone calls for Virgil Goode, Jeff Frederick was wining an dining out of the country.

Instead of offering any assistance at all to Thelma Drake, Jeff Frederick is sneaking to Israel, a voluntary trip labeled as official duty for his elected office yet one that is not to be made public, as per his instructions.

Is this leadership at a time when Virginia Republicans are facing their largest electoral defeat in memory?

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