Speaker Howell calls for Frederick’s ouster

Speaker William Howell, Del. Kirk Cox, and Del. Sam Nixon have sent a letter to the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee care of Mike Thomas, RPV’s First Vice Chair, asking for a change in leadership at RPV.

“We agree with those advocating for a change in leadership at the Republican Party of Virginia,” the letter says. “As Republicans, the sum and substance of our message should not be about cliches and misguided comments. Such give fodder to our critics and make it difficult for us to achieve much-needed progress on our priorities. With its current chairman, we have serious reservations about how effectively the state party can help us accomplish our goals and persuade a majority of Virginia voters that Republicans have the right ideas and policy prescriptions to help resolve the issues they care most about in their daily lives.”

The letter was not written on letter head, so it is not clear whether this represents the majority of the House Caucus.

Read the complete letter.