Cantor has video calling for Frederick’s head

This is also known as “I really run the Republican party (no, seriously, I do), so, I can squash you.”

(h/t: PW Conservative)

  • Marti nProsser

    Maybe Eric Cantor needs to go – why did he vote for Obama’s reckless spending bill?

  • Republican

    Martin Prosser, are you stupid? Seriously, are you a moron? It was Cantor who fought STRONGLY against the 800 Billion boondoggle.

    You are really stupid.

  • alteroffreedom

    Good luck with ousting Cantor. He is like the teflon kid in the 7th. I know countless Republicans who can’t stand him here and they hold their nose every cycle since he came in behind Bliley. He would have to stumble even if Obama folks made him enemy number one he appears pretty safe. I for one would love to see another Republican challenege him though from here in the future given his recent voting record.

  • squirrel

    Cantor thinks Frederick should go? That’s the best endorsement to *support* Frederick as Chairman that I’ve heard.

  • Donna Holt

    Cantor is another centrist Puke who pretends to be a conservative.
    Yes, he has to go.

  • mytwocents

    I guess all 5 Frederick supporters left are now upset at Cantor. You all are truly delusional if you think Cantor is a moderate or centrist.

  • Dewey McDonnell

    Cantor helped engineer the first “world’s largest” bank heist of our money (bailout #1) and then loudly complained and voted against the second “world’s largest” bank heist of our money (bailout #2). It was his turn since “globalist part #2” is in charge now. He is obviously bought and paid for by the global banking mafia that took over on Oct. 3, 2008. Take heart, they will fail. “mytwocents” is delusional if he thinks there are just five of us.

  • alteroffreedom

    Cantor like many gets more of his fundraising from outside of his district and the largest part of his district in Henrico County is trending blue. Cantor ahas always been able to raise alot of money…a la Abramoff as a mentor and that has always helped him along with his pro-Isreal positions but Cantor in recent years is hardly a fiscal conservative in reality. The more Cantor presents himself in the media the more it shames me he represents the 7th.

  • Cantor whipped the House GOP into Unanimously Voting against the Stimulus. Cantor must stay.

  • Big mistake on Cantor’s part. He just pulled a McDonnell which puts his judgement into question. Cantor is too high profile and on the Democrat’s “Most Wanted” list why is he doing this. His supporting the effort before was one thing, now pushing this hard will do himself damage by alienating portions of his party. Cantor, if he had to support Frederick’s ouster, should have done it in a low key or behind the scenes manner.

    United behind McDonnel you say? I think Eric Cantor is off the mark on that one too.

    Who are the smart ones? Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli.

  • edm

    The gigs up for J-Fred. I supported him against Hager, I supported him when Loudon Insider went all Loudon Insider on him. But, it’s up. Time for a quick change to someone better. I’d recommend Ed Gillespie.

  • Aaron Gulbransen

    Ok, there is expressing support for someone and there is showing that you are blind, deaf, and dumb.

    Cantor doesn’t support your guy and you are ripping him apart for it. Cantor is a Conservative. He is one of the few left standing that is able to challenge Obama in a public setting.

  • fred glass

    Jeff Frederick is an idiot and needs to go! For once Cantor showed guts and statewide leadership. Hit yhe road Frederick. Neither you or your wife are wanted.

  • Steve Waters

    fred glass, your’e kind of mean man. “Neither you or wife are wanted.” That is painful. People said the same thing to me when I ran Marshall’s campaign. Guess they were right about Gilmore as well huh?

    edm, didn’t Gillespie have his shot already and I guess he did a bang up job as well with the state senate victories to keep the majority for the senate. Gillespie is another moderate that is killing our party, or maybe it is a neo-con I get confused as to which he is depending on what he says any given day.

    Sure Cantor is conservative but when whoever his boss is tells him to be something different he is. Example the BAILOUT’s with Bush. That was a real conservative vote on the bailout right? Isn’t Cantor out of the same farm as with Allen, Gilmore and Bolling, the Marcus & Allen farm team.

    How about we all just wait, maybe an independent investigation into Frederick, aside from the Witch Hunter’s that are out for his hide, so we can all find out the truth before we rush to judgement. I’m glad the majority of you aren’t on a jury that someone’s fate depends on. Isn’t Gillespie the number one guy on McDonnell’s campaign, isn’t McDonnell calling on Frederick to step down? What many of you don’t know is McDonnell was in on the first coup against Frederick behind the scenes. Shouldn’t he be focusing on his own election vs. Frederick, talk about taking your eye off the ball. If he loses in November he might wish he didn’t try and undo the work of the grassroots because SCC and Executive Committee are not the grassroots of the party in fact they are far from it.

  • Aaron Gulbransen

    One cannot claim ownership of the grassroots just because one wants to or because it is in their best interest to do so. (Otherwise, I’d claim I represent all the grassroots because I feel my opinions are valid.)

    Those that support Jeff Frederick represent a segment of the grassroots. Those that do not support Jeff Frederick represent a different segment of the grassroots.

    We are not talking about an evil group of anonymous men persecuting someone without cause. We are talking about people that have served the Party for years on end. Mike Thomas, Mike Wade, and the others, regardless of whether one agrees with them or not, deserve our respect.

    A grassroots movement is one driven by the constituents of a community. The Republican Party of Virginia is our community. Republicans are the constituents and members of State Central are charged with protecting that constituency. They are unhappy with the Chairman and feel he harms the Party. Those that signed the letter feel they are representing the best interests of the Republican Party of Virginia and its members. They should be respected, regardless of whether one agrees with them or not.

    Another grassroots movement has arisen, the one that defends Jeff Frederick. The two movements are competing right now and we will see which one prevails.

    We need to recognize that this is not, in any way, an ideological battle. If it were, we’d see the sides drawn very differently. The problem I see with the Pro-Frederick side is that they seem to be looking at this far too narrowly, in terms of Right and Left.

  • Lee Talley

    You are absolutely one of the core problems in this state and in our party. Please when we vote out Jeff please take your ignorant self with him. People this entire process is going by the Party Plan of Virginia. Its no secret. Its documented and been in place for years but you know that. Rules are something someone like you only care about when you need an excuse for whatever lame candidate you bring to our convention. You are nothing but a fascist and a pig. If you hate the Republican party so much leave. Im sure you would fit in just fine with the NAMBLA crowd in the Libertarian Party.

  • Steve Waters

    You prove my case Lee. Thank you!

  • Lee Talley

    Hey are you saying you would leave the party??? Wow thank you. It seems we are overstocked with douchebags as it is but after April 4th we will be missing one more thats forsure!

  • notbillhowell

    Its one thing to get signatures of 75% of the SCC on a letter, its entirely a different matter to get them all in one room on April 4th. People have underestimated the effect od that fool, House Majority Leader, Morgan Griffith and his Cro-Magnon troll, Jeff Ryer is having on this process. As acting PD for the RPV, Ryer is effectively keeping less than 75% from showing up. This effort is over. Its time to bury the hatchet and move on.

  • Lee Talley

    Morgan better keep his ducks in a row… its primary season!

  • Lee: Re “People this entire process is going by the Party Plan of Virginia”

    The Party Plan doesn’t say keep a double-secret list of charges and shop them around.

    I, member of SCC, was not allowed to see the charges because I wouldn’t agree to sign the letter first.

    I was called only last week. When was the first signature gathered on the letter? When was it drafted? Who drafted it – edited it – approved it?

    Why did I get a letter – finally – with the charges with the admonition that no one outside of SCC could see it? Why keep it from the city and county chairs? Who is afraid of what?

    When did you first see the charges?

    Why are you so anxious to convict Jeff and throw him out, when you haven’t heard a word of his defense? Not one word yet. Fair play means get all the facts out, sort them out, make a decision – a judgment.

    Since you are certain Jeff will go on April 4th, then who will replace him? Who decided that? When?

  • Lyle Beefelt

    As the PWC Chairman, I look at the McDonnell campaign and State Central’s decision to push this now as INCREDIBLY out of touch. Note the following:

    1. Jeff Frederick’s seat is probably the most democratic district held by a republican even though republicans have held it for over 20 years.
    2. There is a primary set for that seat with two candidates – Amy Frederick and Rafael Lopez. The leaking of the accusations has now made the local paper – poisoning the primary. Worst of all, State Central is oblivious to the impact of their course of action on this year’s election in PWC. They don’t even care!
    3. The democrats are gearing up to make a big push in the district grooming a pastor of a big church to try and bring out a lot of last year’s new voters-not because they love the pastor. They are hoping that big numbers in that part of the district will turn the County blue and win them the Governor’s seat again.

  • Lee Talley

    Here’s the thing… He was taking a taste of the online donations… period… You’ve seen the FEC form on here confirming it. To me that bares the fact that he should face a FEC investigation. The other charges he can respond to but this first charge is set by its own evidence.

    I first saw the charges in the RTD just like EVERYONE else, but its quite simple Jim why Jeff has to go. LOOK AT THIS DEBATE. He has the party fighting each other tooth and nail. He can’t fundraise and now ALMOST the entire elected leadership of our party does not want him there. The party chairman does not serve the grass roots or anyone else even on State Central. He serves to the elected candidates of our party. He provides them a service based organization to do this. If he cannot provide them that service then he should be fired period. Jeff cannot and has not been able to do so. Jim, you are man of honor look at Jeff’s actions seriously look at them. Are they the actions of a honorable man. Jeff lied to the Times Dispatch about charge number 1 already! Are they the actions of a man with nothing to hide. One thing you point out in not seeing those charges. Jeff and his supporters in RPV and State Central had that letter and the would not show you or any of his supporters the letter either. The didn’t want that letter to get out. If he was so secure in his case why not put the letter out there and name names. Jeff never provided this information to anybody either. Jeff ran from Mike Thomas ran… If someone accused me of something I did not do I would not run but stand up to him. Where is Jeff’s character? Where is his backbone? The rest of the charges will be heard according to the State Party Plan on April 4th. He will be given a fair hearing. However fair play starts with being honest and that Jeff has not been.

    Jim you are a man of strong faith. I admire that. I really do. Take the Scriptures and hold them up to Jeff and his actions and what does it say. A lie is a lie. It was a lie that doomed us all in the Garden of Eden.

  • Darrell

    And it was your elected party politicians that doomed you at the polls.

    Coming Soon! The Night of the Living Dead (RPV remake). Opens April 4th in Richmond. Statewide on November 3rd.

    This adaptation of the Romero classic pits a party of zombies against an outraged citizenry. No longer able to dictate their abusive, unconstitutional agenda on the populace, they have taken refuge in their Hillbilly Hideaway. The movie opens as they converge on their leader and eat him in an act of desperation. New leaders are selected, as the zombies seek escape from the gathering hoard of voters. One by one, the leaders are shoved out the door to meet their fate, or are eaten in a bloody display of crazed unity. The movie ends on election night as the living dead watch the citizenry set fire to the remaining symbol of the party’s once great empire, finally realizing that even their back room deals won’t protect them.


  • There’s one prime moronic zombie leading RPV to destruction, and its embarrassing buffoon Jeffro Frederick.

  • Boo Radley

    Anyone with a lick of sense can now see what kind of person, elected official, and “leader” Frederick is.

    I ask any of his defenders: would Bob Marshall, or even Bob McDonnell–disliked as he is by some of the far right for not being “pure” enough–be taking these kinds of actions only to save his own skin?

    Would any other party member you can think of lie, cut ethical corners, run rather than face his accusers, lock and barricade the doors of RPV, drop robo-calls smearing Mike Thomas and SCC, and engender the kind of disgust and vitriol that is mushrooming across the blogosphere? From within his own party? Even the Gilmore/Marshall dustup didn’t result in this much of a melee.

    The answer is simply no. No one else causes such division. Because no one else is so two-faced as our Chairman.

    No one else would dream of trying to stick around after such discrediting. After virtually all of our party elders had come out against him. No one else would “fight” solely for himself and his narrow political fortunes.

    Anyone else in this situation would step aside for the good of a party. It’s plain to see.

    The problem is Jeff Frederick.

  • Lee: Aren’t you a member of SCC? I got an email from Mike Thomas and a snail mail copy of the charges later. I didn’t read it in the RTD. And the email I got said it was for SCC ONLY.

    So, you knew nothing, nothing, until the RTD broke the story?

    Re: “The party chairman does not serve the grass roots or anyone else even on State Central. He serves to the elected candidates of our party. He provides them a service based organization to do this” This is what should be debated after the April 4th meeting. Although that meeting will be a referendum of sorts on it. I have a different view of the RPV. So did most of the folks at the convention last May.

  • Lee Talley

    I didn’t see the charges until it was in the RTD a few days ago. My case for the removal of Jeff is my own analysis of his actions and the state of our party. No I am not a member of SCC. I hope to be a member someday and serve my party.

    Now as to our differing view of the function of RPV. In my mind it is the State Central Committee that supports the interests of the activists of the party. Its the chairmans job to manage the service organization that is the RPV. If the Chairman can’t do the job then he must go.

    Just because a number of people have whatever view at the state convention that does not make it the correct view. A lot of people had the view that President Obama would be this great agent of change and look where that view is getting us. Jeff won with approximately 60% of the vote back at the convention. He made an effective campaign and established his case to be chairman. Now in the execution of that case just like with President Obama it has been absolutely horrid and an embarrassment.

    Now with Jeff being caught in a lie on the first charge its even more so of an embarrassment.

  • fred glass

    All of you apologists for Jeff Frederick must want to loose next fall. Frederick is a poster boy for ignorance, intolerance and idiocy! Virginia went Blue under his “leadership,” lost congressional seats and now is subject to Obama/Kaine socialism. He and Morgan Griffith are embarrassments and neither will be able to get elected dog catcher after they destroy what is left of the party of Reagan.

    Someone please shoot the worms and put them in a hole!

  • The PWC Republican Convention overwhelmingly voted to adopt a Pro-Frederick resolution, Frederick stayed until well after the convention ended, Going on to other parts of the state this afternoon and evening.

  • Thomas Wellwood


    What a brilliant strategy you “I’m better than you are” Republicans have devised. You implode the party in petty bickering, after electing a certifiable moron to run the RPV, then fall apart stabbing him in the back! Lost the Senate 2-years ago, you have no chance with McDonnell, not after his support of HB3202 then defending it in court and please don’t use that “It was his job to defend it”. You can’t defend an UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW when you’ve taken an oath to “uphold and defend the constitution”, just doesn’t work that way..

    So here we are, sniping at each other, hanging on every word “RUSH” your God Almight has to say, destroying your state party and handing the whole deal over to us Democrats!

    The fun thing is, we didn’t have to do much! You destroyed yourselves, just like you did when broke the promise to “ABOLISH THE CAR TAX” and don’t forget “keep government small and efficient” and lets not passby “We’ll keep taxeslower”. Oh yes, you liars did it all to yourselves.

    Democrats will take the Senate again, the House and the Governor’s mansion and you have only to blame yourselves. Your “I’m better than you are” attitudes and blaming the democrats for everything has finally come back to bite you where it hurts!

    Good times!

  • Karl Warner

    Those of us in other parts of the state do not know what kind of koolaide you folks in Prince Willam are drinking but for the benefit of the rest of us STOP. Frederick is a bafoon and an embarrassment to our party. He is a bigot and not the face we need to recapture the Governor’s office this fall. Hope you PWConservatives will be happy with a Dem Governor and Dems running the House. That is where we will be thanks to ulftra conservative morons.

  • Karl Warner

    I was simply reporting the facts, Not taking a position, Read My blog and You will see that I am no Frederick Stooge, I call it like I see it.

  • Thomas Wellwood, I have to agree with most of what you said. Except for your out of touch comments about Rush.

    I assure you Thomas, this “Witch Hunt” on Jeff Frederick has a far better chance of burning Frederick at the “stake” than the one the DNC & Obama are trying to destroy Rush with.

    Let me ask you a question Thomas. Was McCain Rush’s preferred choice to be the Republican Nominee for president? After you answer that question, tell me again how Rush runs the GOP.

    It is a shame you put that Rush stuff in an otherwise decent post of observations. As a Democrat, I guess your laughing your way to election day. I can’t say that I blame you. The RPV is indeed imploding and we’re seeing people for who they really are.

    If Frederick is ousted, they think they have a chance at successful elections? What will they say when he’s dumped and they perform miserably as many Frederick backers stay home? What does this tell all the fiscal conservative/libertarians that are continually told to come back to the GOP and work from within? It tells us plenty.

    It is an absolute shame that many good conservatives have to suffer through this suicide pact with the rest of the self interested egos and power whores.

  • God save me from ever being prosecuted by a jury of my peers, if that means that some of you will on it!

    I have never seen such a quick rush to judgment from a would-be kangaroo court!
    None of us know ANY of the actual facts yet.
    If you were familiar with legal proceedings you would know that no accusation can be considered evidence of guilt;
    It must be substantiated with evidence until it is proven beyond all shadow of doubt.
    The mere existence of accusations is not evidence of the accuracy thereof.

    You all sound like Chuck-U Schumer at a press conference.
    I understand that most of you who are so inexplicably upset at Frederick, without the benefit of sound knowledge are probably left over supporters of Lapdog Hager.
    But I still would like to think that you would extend to Frederick one of the most basic rights of any American, that being the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
    Could it be that you want him to be guilty?

    Perhaps you are still upset that we have a chairman who is a freethinker, and who is not a yes-man for bobbymcd.
    Perhaps you are afraid that Bolling may have a little more trouble than you want at the Convention, and you need a chairman who will ensure a Bolling victory even if it means adding delegates at the convention in direct violation of the Call, as you did for Gilmore.
    Remember him?
    The arrogant blowhard that was” the only candidate with a chance to beat Mark Warner”?……..35%??

    Regardless of your motivation, you bunch of would-be bigshots lost the US Senate, US House, White House, State Senate, and Governors mansion and blew our majority in the State House with your linguini-spined lack of principle, to the point that you have made our party stink in the nostrils of the American people, and yet you have the audacity to insist on doing what has lost elections in Virginia for the last six years again?

    Moving to the left has cost us our viability as a party, and I resent being preached at by electoral losers.

    McDonnell perhaps was right that you are “all liberals at heart”!

    Hey Karl Warner;
    the last two “ultraconservative morons” to have any political clout were Reagan and Gingrich. I guess they lost our majorities too, eh?
    Pretty much tells the story about your leanings doesn’t it!.

    No, a logical examination of the facts, rather than an emotional outburst,will show that it is actually you and your ilk that have produced a Republican party so impotent that they cannot even provide any proof of unsubstantiated charges against a relative unheard-of from PW.

    I still have seen no proof offered, or even the attempt made to do so, by your hereos, Mike Thomas and Mike Wade.

    Until that happens, I will never support the undoing of the will of the grassroots who elected Frederick 75-25% over Lapdog, who by the way, was last seen working for Mark Warner.

  • Tim, why all the anger at Bolling and Gilmore?

    Bolling is staying out of the Frederick issue isn’t he?

    If you were a big Marshall fan mayeb I can understand minor resentment. I like Marshall but, favored Gilmore because he kept his word and I consider him to be a real fiscal conservative. I blame Gilmore and the GOP/RPV for Gilmore’s loss because, nobody immediately and repeatedly responded to all the lies about Gilmore tenure in office. Lies were constantly repeated and the public heard nothing but, that. He got blamed for a national recession that had nothing to do with him personally. The rest of Gilmore’s loss should be blamed on the pendulum swing that went from conservative dominance and now swings to the alternative, albeit a poor one. If you paid attention you know that having an “R” by your name made things harder this past election. It was the cycle of things.

    My vision isn’t what it used to be but, in that video of the AG debates in Loudon County, isn’t that Gilmore sitting next to Jeff Frederick?

    Otherwise, I pretty much agree with your post.

  • alteroffreedom

    AGain, the average Virginian has no clue who the hell Jeff Frederick is but hey if you want to be the ones to inform them about Jeff and his shortcomings by all means do so I am sure the Dems will be very very thankful in the Fall. Keep up with the infighting and the divisive, angry name calling; it only helps the dems make a case for the State GOP being out of touch. Be prepared for further political exile if these insiders with egos and heavy old rivalry baggage win out and bring the Party down even further.

  • Tim, please don’t ever put Jeff Frederick and Ronald Reagan in the same response ever again. Regan would be appalled at someone like Frederick and his selfish hanging on to power.

    Britt, Gilmore was already seated when Frederick plopped down next to him, with his boy assistant ready to snap a photo and take that video that was put up. What a joke.

  • Really Loudoun? Why not get up if Frederick is that horrible? I haven’t seen Gilmore’s name attached to any of the anti-Frederick letters either.

    He sat next to him and clapped as the chairman was recognized during all that applause and cheering.

  • “What will they say when he’s dumped and they perform miserably as many Frederick backers stay home? ”

    Oh….tell me you retards are not stupid enough to do that twice!!!!
    You see, the last time you pulled that…we ended up with the “messiah”, except it wasn’t the one you preferred.
    If ALL conservatives had actually voted that day….who knows where we’d have been in four years. I mean, considering someone who would veto Pill-lousy and Read-all-about-it’s bills, and name up to 3 Justices.

    Britt, as a recognized former Governor, the man has to be politically adept. To get up and leave the seat next to Frederick for no other reason than to distance himself?? Are you that nuts?
    And of course he clapped. It was polite gesture. Do you want to hang your hat on the man being polite?

  • Ed Drain

    This whole thing reminds me of a commercial I saw once. It starts out where you see this big muscled guy running toward this somewhat wimpy looking businessman. The background music cues the viewer that there is possibly some violence that is about to happen. The muscled guy reaches the businessman and pins him against a wall. Just then a piano drops where the wimpy guy was standing. The guy everyone thought was a thug turns out to be a hero. The tag line is something about getting to the truth requires the right perspective.

    My perspective is that you never know what the truth is untill you’ve had a chance to hear from everyone. Some people have said Jeff needs to face some kind of investigation. My perspective is that if he really needed to, he would already *be* facing such an inquiry. The very fact that he isn’t suggests that a forensic accountant, or a 10-year old with a computer can and has determined already that the charge is frivolous.

    It also reminds me a bit of the story of Charlie Wilson’s dog. Charlie Wilson got into politics all because some official poisoned his dog.
    He drove people to the polls and told them that he didn’t want to influence how they voted but he thought they should know that his opponent murdered his dog. If these people are successful and manage to get rid of Jeff, will they be able to handle the backlash from the 60% or so who voted for Jeff? I don’t think so.

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