Pro-Frederick Robocalls Begin

Some Republican convention goers have started receiving robo-calls asking for their support in keeping Jeff Frederick as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Listen To The Call

Transcript after the break.

UPDATE: Frederick denies involvement in calls after the break

Robo-Call transcript:

A strong majority of delegates like you voted for a new chairman in 2008. You signed up, turned out, and rejected the false choices offered by the elite establishment. Now the elites, led by first vice-chairman Mike Thomas, instigated by Bob McDonnell, want to undo the decision of grassroots Republicans. They plan to use little-known rules in the Party Plan to decapitate party chairman Jeff Frederick. The elites hate the results of the 2008 convention. This angry band wants to control party fundraising and structure. They fight against truly pro-life, pro-gun, low-tax candidates. Theirs is a party taking orders from tax-raising, anti-gun, pro-abortion officeholders in Richmond. Call Mike Thomas, tell him to knock it off. You know what he’s doing. Call him at (000) 000-0000. That’s (000) 000-0000. Tell Thomas the grassroots decide who the chairman is. Not clever rule manipulating elites. Authorized by Grassroots Republicans.

UPDATE: Jeff Frederick has sent out an email denying his involvement in the robocalls:

State Central Committee:

Moments ago, it was brought to my attention that automated phone calls have been made to Republican activists telling them to support me with regard to the recent Call issued by the State Central Committee.

I want to make it emphatically and clearly known that in no way did I have or had any involvement in the planning or execution of these calls, nor did I have prior knowledge these calls were going to be made.  As of this writing, I still do not know what person or organization is behind this effort.

I further want you to know that upon learning of the content of this call, I placed a call to Bob McDonnell and others to inform them of my lack of involvement or prior knowledge.

Since the Call for the April 4th State Central meeting was issued last week, I have been consistent that any issue involving the leadership of the Republican Party of Virginia should be handled with appropriate discretion as an internal Party matter.

My complete and utter focus of the moment is to continue to move our Party forward and to build our grassroots strength for the crucial elections we face in 2009.  My main priorities continue to be the election of Bob McDonnell as our next governor, a sweep of the contests for the statewide offices, and expanding our majority in the House of Delegates.

Regardless of the events of April 4th, all activities related to this matter must be conducted in a manner that allows us to unite at the State Convention in May as a strong, cohesive Party that decisively defeats the Democrats in November.  That is paramount above all else.

I thank you for your attention to this matter. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any issues or ideas upon which I can offer my assistance to you or our Party.

Thank you.


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