McDonnell and Bolling tackle “Card Check”

Republican gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial candidates Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling went after the Employee Free Choice Act (aka, “Card Check”), which was introduced by Congressional Democrats today.

Virginia, a “right-to-work” state, enables employees to not be forced to become union members or pay union dues as a condition of employment. Card Check makes it easier for worker’s to unionize by eliminating the secret ballot, placing peer pressure on workers.

“This is the most anti-jobs bill in decades. Rarely are elected officials and candidates presented with such a clear cut choice,” said McDonnell. “Every Virginia official and every Virginia candidate should let the public know whether they stand in support of the spirit of Virginia’s Right to Work Law and the job-creating environment it has established, or do they stand with big unions and their desire to take away the secret ballot from employees in the workplace?”

This is the second time McDonnell has called out his Democratic opponents on a major issue in as many weeks. Last week, he asked his Democratic opponents to join him on sending a message to Secretary of Interior Salazar to allow off-shore drilling to begin by 2011 – none of his opponents responded.

“I strongly support Virginia’s Right to Work Law, and the Commonwealth’s reputation as the most business-friendly state in the nation,” McDonnell continued. “I adamantly oppose this legislation which will hurt free enterprise and kill jobs. I continue to urge Virginia’s congressional delegation to vote no on the big unions ‘Card Check’ legislation.”

Card Check would allow unions hoping to organize to circulate what are known as authorization cards. Once a majority of employees at a workplace sign such a card, with no time limit for the collection of signatures, a union would be recognized and management would be required by law to bargain with that union. Further, in newly organized workplaces, if the employer and the union do not agree to a contract in the first 130 days of negotiations, an arbitration panel from the federal government can be brought in and its decision would be binding on the employer.

“Introduction of Card Check comes on the heels of disturbing actions by state Democrats to undermine Virginia’s right-to-work law,” added Bolling. “In January, all three candidates for Governor and two candidates for Lieutenant Governor marched in a union picket line against the Crystal City Hilton hotel. That march took place at the same time state and local officials were working to recruit the Hilton Hotels national headquarters to Northern Virginia. Additionally, during the recent General Assembly session, Senate Democrats killed legislation to include the right-to-work in the Constitution of Virginia.”

According to theThe Washington Post three individual Unions gave over $500,000 to the Democratic Party of Virginia in just September and October of this past year.

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