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Jeff Frederick being pressured to resign as RPV chair

Several independent Republican sources confirm to Bearing Drift that members of the executive committee of the Republican Party of Virginia have approached Chairman Jeff Frederick to resign within 30 days.

Frederick, who has been much maligned recently because of his “mis-tweet” regarding power sharing in the State Senate and his comments regarding Charles Darwin, faces major budget shortfalls at RPV, which have led to staff lay-offs (according to another source, certain positions were always meant to be phased-out after the GA session).

State central members say that asking Frederick to resign is not due to any political disagreements, but that poor fundraising, the loss of three congressional seats and the US Senate last November, and his preference to use a technology firm which he has a personal interest in have caused the loss of confidence.

Because of the above, and combined with Frederick’s propensity to create controversy with his comments, nearly all of the State Senate Republicans and many of his former colleagues in the House Republican Caucus are also eager to see the chairman out.

Of course, there is no love lost between Speaker Howell and the Fredericks after Mrs. Amy Frederick lambasted the Speaker in a letter last year.

State central members are being cautious about creating alarm within the party and publicly denouncing Frederick, but a vast majority are unhappy with the chairman and would like to see him leave.