SNOMG! Open Thread

Virginia’s pretty well covered. How are things where you are?

You can keep an eye on power outages here:

  • At least 6 inches outside just north of Richmond. Road in front of the house is closed for utility work. Not looking forward to 11 degree temps tonight.

  • smitty1e

    He came from planet Gore,
    Made all the people snore,
    Whined about heat,
    And disappearing shore.

  • Here in Clifton (Fairfax County), we have about 6 inches of snow. I went out this morning around 5:30 a.m. to move my car around to see if the roads were okay to head into work, only to do a 180 in the parking lot. It is really beautiful and I intend to take photos later on today.

  • We are getting only a small amount of snow and ice here in Hampton Roads. Problem is that the area does a really job of dealing with slick roads (it is a rarity here so not a lot of resources are devoted to dealing with it) and there are numerous accidents.

    However looking at how the entire East Coast is (or was) getting belted, I am congratulating myself that my time off from truck driving is well timed.

  • Kat

    As it was coming down last night and this morning. Very pretty, but the Munchkin (if she were awake) would be very disappointed, because she already has today off for a Teacher Work Day… 😉

  • the recording at my work location says we’re at Code Red which probably means they were too lazy to clear the parking lots

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