Another Obama appointee ducked his taxes

How many appointees have to be found dodging taxes for it to reflect on the man appointing him?

Trade nominee Ron Kirk happened to never report any speaking fees as income, saving himself about $6,000 in taxes.

He also deducted $17,000 worth of Dallas Mavericks tickets (Maverick?…now, THAT’S funny)

Meanwhile, Obama skates along the hope and change highway free of any blame for the incredible coincidence of picking so many tax cheats to stand by his side.

What moral authority will Obama have on taxes when he excuses his buddies from cheating on their taxes. Not only should Ron Kirk withdraw his nomination, too, but taking into account Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s pathetic performance in his debut, he should resign, too.

Most importantly, Obama needs to tell us why he keeps nominating tax cheats.