Obenshain endorses Cuccinelli for AG

Sen. Mark Obenshain, who was once rumored to be an attorney general candidate early in this process, has endorsed his colleague, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, for the job:

I have endorsed Ken in his race for Attorney General because he is the right candidate – at the right time – for Virginia and our Republican Party.

While others talk about their beliefs, Ken Cuccinelli is the only candidate with an actual record of actually voting and fighting for our shared conservative values. Ken has been a Senate leader on issues of Public Safety, Life and Family, Taxes and Smaller Government, The Second Amendment and Property Rights. No one is better suited to tackling the issues which face the Attorney General’s office than Ken.

  • Sen. Obenshain is on target on this one. I also appreciate a conservative that acts on principle rather than just talk about it now and then.

  • This sort of endorsment is exactly what Daniel Boorstin had in mind when he created the term “non-event.” A non-event is an event that occurs just so others can say it occured–it does not accomplish any objective, imparts no additional information about anything, and in general contributes nothing to an ongoing debate.

  • Zach, i completely disagree. The endorsement of a colleague has great meaning to a great many people still undecided in this race.

    If you want to see a non-event, go to a Terry McAulife roundtable.

  • Brian,

    I agree with you completely. Look back in the not too distant past and see how damaging John Warner’s failure to endorse Oliver North was.

    More recently I would point to how Owen Pickett’s endorsement of Glenn Nye held some value for me. I almost certainly was going to vote for Nye anyway, but Owen’s endorsement was reassuring to me.

  • Brian, you get extra points for quality humor….

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