Senate Democrats fight with Kaine

“I don’t give a damn about the governor.” Those were the words of Democrat Sen. R. Edward Houck of Spotsylvania, according to the RTD.

Budget conferees have hit an impasse, and it’s mostly because the Senate Democrats are fighting with Governor and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine.

The fight? Senate Democrats oppose cuts in non-classroom employment in the school system. Kaine and the House Republicans favor the cost-cutting. Also, Senate Democrats want to expand Kaine’s “free the felons” act.

I gotta be honest. I never in a zillion years would’ve thought that a budget impasse would strike this year because the Democrats were fighting with themselves.

  • Never in a zillion years would I have guessed that Tim Kaine would be the more conservative (or shall I say “less liberal”) in the argument.

  • A great fight .

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