Non-smoking Guns OK in restaurants

The General Assembly that banned smoking in bars and restaurants says concealed guns in restaurants and bars are ok. Of course that means smoking guns will still be banned, I guess.

Kaine will probably veto it again if it makes it through conference, but someone needs to explain to me why it’s a good thing to have a bunch of guns left in unattended cars in the parking lot of a bar because folks with concealed permits couldn’t bring them inside, but someone with a regular permit can walk right in with a gun on their hip.

On second thought, maybe there’s a logic to this. Do we really want a smoker in the middle of a nic fit having access to concealed weaponry in a non-smoking bar?

  • Ric

    “Regular permit” what it that??

    There is no such thing as a “regular permit”

    No permit is needed to open carry in the glorious state of Virginia!!!!

    Concealed carry, other than “the curtiledge of your abode”, you need a permit.

  • There’s nothing stopping someone with a concealed permit from open carrying.

  • I remember back about 15 years ago when one of my friends tried to open carry his 9mm pistol down on Virginia Beach’s waterfront. He had it in a holster which hung from his belt. He was approached by a couple of Virginia Beach’s finest who asked to see his weapon (perhaps to examine it to see if he a round chambered or something). When he refused to hand the weapon over to them they arrested him.

    As I recall, charges ended up being dropped but the lesson was that openly carried weapons are not exactly welcome on Virginia Beach’s “family friendly” waterfront.

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