Brownlee releases YouTube ad

Candidate for the GOP nomination for Attorney General, John Brownlee, released this YouTube video, hoping to inspire delegates to attend GOP convention this May…


Speaking of Brownlee, he went after Sen. Ken Cuccinelli’s vote yesterday on the “Triggerman Rule”:

“This afternoon the Senate of Virginia once again passed a law repealing Virginia’s so-called “Triggerman Rule.” HB2358, which has already passed the house by a vote of 73-25, passed the Senate today by a 24-13 margin.

“I applaud all of those Senators, both Republican and Democrat, who stood with law enforcement and for justice and voted for this bill. The Virginia Sheriffs Association, the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys, Virginia’s Crime Commission, the Attorney General’s Office, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling all support repeal of the Triggerman Rule. They know that this rule is a detriment to the cause of justice in Virginia; today’s vote in the Senate moves us ever closer to its ultimate elimination from Virginia’s courts.

“I am deeply disappointed to see that, yet again, Senator Ken Cuccinelli was the lone Republican legislator in either the House or the Senate to oppose repeal of the Triggerman Rule. Senator Cuccinelli continues to stand with Governor Tim Kaine and against law enforcement on this critical public safety issue.”