Gays, child molesters, atheists and Oscar

Addressing “gay and lesbian kids” watching the ceremony, …”No matter what everyone tells you, God does love you … very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights federally across this great nation of ours.” – Milk writer Dustin Lance Black

Nothing like Hollywood targeting children for gay rights activism, huh? And that was just the warmup for a night of leftists on parade at Hollywood’s “the election is over, let’s stop pretending to be moderates” gala called the Academy Awards.

Make a film about a gay politician? Gold statues are in your future, including one for Sean Penn. His tirades calling to impeach Republicans must’ve scored some points, or maybe it was his pleading guilty to domestic assault of his wife. In Hollywood you can never be too sure.

Penn lectured America by saying, “I think it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect, and anticipate their great shame.”

Marriage between a man and a woman? SHAME on you. How dare we ticket-buying waifs support such a radical notion as a man marrying a woman. He thinks if only we reflected, we’d see that he is right. I think Sean Penn marrying Madonna counts as a same-sex marriage. I’m just not sure which sex.

It did make me wonder if he’d support domestic assault between same-sex spouses, or is that something he saves for his ladies.

But he does earn his second oscar, and just think if only surfer Spicoli liked dudes in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Penn could’ve reached this zenith a quarter century ago.

Continuing the anti-religious rants was Bill Maher. With Obama safely in the White House, Maher took aim at those of us “clinging to our religion”:

“Someday, we all have to confront the notion that our silly gods cost the world too greatly”

Obama hasn’t commented on his supporters’ notion about “silly gods,” although I’m sure he’s glad they weren’t on national television saying it before a certain Tuesday in November.

If these are moderates, the new host of the View will be Tom Selleck. Even California defeated a ballot initiative for same-sex marriage. When Hollywood is even too leftest for California, you know they’re off the deep end.

Look at the films they chose to nominate. A priest molesting school boys, another waltz through Nixon and Watergate (what, no JFK screenplays laying around?), a mid-thirties woman sleeping with a teenage boy – these are just for Best Picture!

Hurray for Hollywood!

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