Ed Gillespie to join McDonnell Campaign

Bob McDonnell For Governor announced today that former RNC and RPV Chairman Ed Gillespie would be joining the campaign as General Chairman.  You can read the full announcement after the break.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell announced today that Ed Gillespie, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee and former Counselor to the President of the United States, will serve as General Chairman of his campaign for Governor.

In announcing Gillespie’s leadership position McDonnell noted, “Ed has a record of winning tough campaigns and helping to develop and enact policies that make life better for our citizens. Ed has served at the very highest level in The White House and Congress. And Ed is a Virginian. He has served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, he is raising his family right near where I grew up in the Mt. Vernon area of Fairfax County, and he understands, as a policy maker and as a father, the challenges and the opportunities facing the Commonwealth. I am honored to have Ed on board, and I look forward to working with him to bring our message of new jobs, greater opportunity and renewed prosperity to every voter in Virginia.”

Speaking about today’s announcement Gillespie remarked, “Bob McDonnell is the right person to lead Virginia forward in these challenging times. His record of bringing people together to get things done is exactly what we need right now. I’ve been fortunate to be involved in many consequential elections over the past 25 years, and have gotten to know some great leaders. Virginia’s gubernatorial race this year is a consequential election, and Bob McDonnell is a great leader. Bob is in this campaign because he cares deeply about Virginia, and he has a record of service and accomplishments to prove it. He will bring jobs and opportunity to every corner of our Commonwealth, make health care more accessible and help keep us safe. I’m honored to chair his campaign committee, proud of his record as our attorney general, and fortunate he’s my friend. I’m looking forward to Bob McDonnell being our governor, and am going to do everything I can between now and November to make sure that he is.”

To learn more about the McDonnell campaign please visit: www.bobmcdonnell.com