VPOD #45: Del. Jeff Frederick – Jan. 5, 2009

Del. Jeff Frederick reacts to the announcement that Gov. Tim Kaine will be the next head of the DNC, Terry McAuliffe’s entry into the governor’s race, the state of the GOP, and makes an announcement regarding his own re-election to the House of Delegates.

Additionally, RPV will answer as many of your questions from the comments section as possible.

Also in today’s podcast, Shaun Kenney and I discuss the political news. We’re looking for your feedback on what to call this segment. The winner will receive a Bearing Drift t-shirt.

  • bmo

    LOL…every time I see a twitter post from BD I keep thinking “Why are they blogging so much about Jim Webb?”. Then it dawned on me “Web:: ….LOL! I know I am slow but Keep up the good work!

  • Well, he is going to be the senior senator and all…

  • Chairman Frederick – Which candidate for RNC chairman do you support and why?

  • EJ

    Why does the RPV continue to have conventions to select it’s nominees? The Democrats have primaries. In a state with no party registration, this gives them a huge advantage in voter ID. Considering how close many recent elections have been, this could be the difference, so why is RPV against holding primaries as well?

  • DCH

    What can you do as RPV chairman to build the RPVs voter ID program to match or exceed, securely, the system Warner funded?

  • Max Shapiro

    Are you going to make a serious concerted effort to make the state discussion about public policy instead of petty politics?

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