Tim Kaine to become DNC Chair

Politico and others are reporting that later this week Tim Kaine will be announced as the new chairman of the DNC.  He will serve as chairman part-time until he leaves the Governor’s Mansion in 2010.

From the Washington Post:

[The decision] will also make Kaine an irresistible target in his home state among critics who have long accused him of putting partisan politics ahead of governing. State GOP leaders are sure to accuse the governor of doing what he said he would not: shift his attention away from a state during a budget crisis that demands swift action.

  • edm

    Reminiscient of Gov. Gilmore 8 years ago. Kaine didn’t get a Cabinet job, but helped out a lot for the Obama campaign, much like Gilmore did for Bush in the 2000 race. Remains to be seen if Kaine will echo Gilmore’s performance as the party chief.

  • We face a MASSIVE budget shortfall … and our Governor is placing Democratic Party politics AHEAD of doing his job?

    He should resign if he wants to be the DNC Chairman.

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