Curious in NOVA

In 15 days, the Capitol city will be thronged with the passionate, the adoring, the hopeful, a few of the hateful and the just plain curious.

Count me in the latter. I don’t think I’ve got the stomach to fight the Inauguration Day crowds — but I’ll be watching the ceremonies.

And then watching the Obama presidency.

Frankly, I’m intrigued so far. Obama has an impressive PR team. Clinton brought in a lot of outsiders. Obama’s bringing Clinton (and other) insiders. He has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. I couldn’t disagree more with his votes on controversial issues. But, he has also picked up some “legacy initiatives.” He co-sponsored an open government to put all of the government’s expenditures online in a search able format. people said it couldn’t be done, but it was done (and Sen. Cuccinelli co-sponsored a similar – unsuccessful – bill for Virginia). Obama’s indicated a flexibility on major initiatives that indicates he may be more concerned with having a popular presidency than an ideological one. His energy policy changed on the campaign trail. So did his Iraq policy. Now, he’s gone from talking about eliminating the Bush tax cuts to merely letting them expire to proposing a $300 billion tax cut of his own.

obama_smoking1I rather suspect Obama will shelve the extreme social agenda of his base and concentrate on fixing the economy. His plan for the economy will take us closer to socialism and I’ll disagree with it. But, honestly, how much better would McCain have been on that score? Given his response to the first bailout plan, I’m not sure he would behave any more conservatively than Obama or “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” Bush.

Sound off on your predictions for the first six months of Obama – and how they’ll affect this year’s Virginia elections. I’m really curious about that.

  • novamiddleman

    Obama is having a huge impact on the Herrity Bulova race. Without Obama Bulova would be dead but she is leveraging all the Obama people to help on her race.

    As far as the first six months are concerned I think Obama is smart. That means good news for Democrats up here. The only thing that could mess him up is the Gaza issue or anything else that pops up foreign policy wise. I think he is going to pull back on his Iraq plans and basically let Gates run the show.

  • Gaza is not going to mess him up – yet. Already the msn is framing this as the Middle East mess he’s inheriting from Bush. However, with the foreign policy team he’s assembled, my take is that it’s just more of the same. Unless I’m misreading those tea leaves, someone in the msn will eventually begin to question his ability to deal with the problem. Until then, he’s got a free ride and I wish him all the luck in the world.

    As for the economy… government meddling in the markets is what caused the (expletive not used) storm we’re in now. Tacking on a trillion more dollars made from thin air is not going to solve the problem. At best it will be a temporary band-aid to cover a gaping chest wound. The next generation will have to deal with it, and God help them!


  • Max Shapiro

    We are about to have a massive devaluation of the dollar. The GCC has decided to issue a new currency, they oil-dollar pegs are disintegrating, lots of countries are going to dump their dollar holdings, the dollar will plummet, our debt will be negligible when this happens, then Obama will propose a unified North American Currency. I will be expecting you all the gravel at my feet when all that comes true.

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