McAuliffe announces on YouTube

Chairman Terry McAuliffe will announce his candidacy for Virginia governor formally on Jan. 7, but he has posted this YouTube video today telegraphing his intentions:

  • DCH

    he’s moving his head too much

    but a youtube announcement is a great idea and he’s been prepping for it for awhile…

  • Lynn Fairchild Martin

    Geez! He’s trying to make himself seem like just another citizen of Virginia. He even uses the word “folks.” He comes across like Mr. Rogers on the campaign trail. What’s the name of that land where he goes to visit? I think that Terry McAuliffe needs to go there and live in the happy, happy nonreality with those “folks.” Leave those of us in the real world in Virginia alone.

    And PS to Mr. Rogers in Heaven, sorry for likening Terry McAuliffe to you. No slight to you, really.

  • “Hi, I’m Terry McAuliffe, and I’ve lived in Virginia longer than Glenn Nye”

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  • Wally Erb

    Too animated. Comes across as a disingenuous slickster. Reminds me of a Military Highway used car salesman. That is his vulnerability. Love to see him in a debate.

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  • Lynn Fairchild Martin

    You know, the more that I think about it, I’m actually offended that he used the word “folks” the way that he did. While one word shouldn’t mean so much on the receiving end, he did in fact mean for it to carry impact, but in a different way. Does he look at Virginians to be “folks?” When he was running Democratic campaigns, was he so humble as to use the word “folks?”

    I, of course, could be just being silly; but the more that I think about it, he’s talking down to Virginians. The people who he went around the state to speak with are folks. If this is how we should look to be viewed by the newest Democrat in the pot, we need to look toward the next, few months of being pandered and condescended to. He’s no more of a “folk” than I am a Democrat.

  • Max Shapiro

    You know why Mr. Rogers wore sweaters? Because he had cartridge burns covering his arms from where he burnt himself after every sniper kill…

    Now use that knowledge and compare McAuliffe to Mr. Rogers…

  • Lynn Fairchild Martin

    Mr. Rogers… Chuck Norris…

    Not Terry McAuliffe. He’s just a folksy, open-collared, regular guy. Again, NOT.

    And again, Mr. Rogers, I apologize.

  • Max, huh??????????????????

    Fred Rogers was a saint. Your comment isn’t even approaching funny.

    Chill out.

  • I noticed in the video where he suggested that Bob McDonnell was against the “progress” made over the past seven years. Evidently Terry McAuliffe believes that a 2 billion dollar budget shortfall is progress. He talks about all of these ideas and refuses to say how he intends to pay for them. At the end of the day Virginia students will pay for them in coming years.

  • Max Shapiro

    It was a joke about how appearances could be deceiving. Consider yourself being a mugger and seeing Mr. Rodgers out and about at night. Odds are you would consider him and easy target, but not if you knew he was one of the greatest snipers that ever lived. If you watch his show a lot of the puppet things are analogies for the sniper training games they played.

    People take things way to seriously, so seriously in fact that they seem to always forget to actually address what angered them so much in the first place.

  • McAuliffe is good news for candidate McDonnell. McAuliffe is too polarizing and doesn’t appear to be a genuine Virginian or just genuine period. I may have to change my mind on a write-in and hold my nose to vote for McDonnell.

    Open message to Democrats:

    Please don’t force me to vote for a guy that wants to keep oral sex a felony. My Fiancee and I thought Virginia was for lovers. False advertising?

    I would expect a Democrat to vote for or support the HRTA. Don’t make me vote for HRTA backstabber McDonnell.

    Anybody but Terry McAwful and I will at worst write in a friend’s name for Gov.

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