So that’s what the 17th Amendment was for

Democrat Governor of Illinois who was arrested today on corruption charges for trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat, to which he can still appoint a successor from his jail cell, is showing us a great history lesson.

Before the 17th Amendment, this likely happened all the time. State legislators appointed all US Senators, and except for the many times that they deadlocked and didn’t send anyone to the Senate, accusations of bribery and corruption abounded.

There have been several calls to end the popular election of US Senators, arguing that with that change went the last vestiges of states rights and any state check on federal power.

But the brazen actions of Democrat Rod Blagojevich (“I want to make money”), and the fact that he can still exert his power, tells me that while the 17th amendment on balance was a good thing.

Imagine if he appoints himself!

Impeach him.

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