Ken Alexander gets some opposition

Del. Ken Alexander (D-89th) has some opposition from a recent Norfolk State graduate, Anthony “Trip” Triplin. According to sources, Triplin went to Norfolk Democrats to discuss his policies and sought opportunities to serve when he was summarily dismissed by the party. (If you’ve followed the Vivian Paige / Tom Moss saga in any detail, you know that this is nothing new for the most dysfunctional unit committee in Virginia).

Ergo, Triplin has decided to run as an independent, and has some very interesting policy proposals, including:

  • Not supporting any bill that will increase the state tax on fuel
  • Supporting private/public partnerships to improve transportation in the Hampton Roads Area
  • Introducing a bill that will set a five percent limit on all cuts in Educational spending every year.

Does young Mr. Triplin have a shot at sticking it to the Democratic establishment, and at the same time, doing good for the people of Norfolk?