In the spirit of bi-partisanship…

With the appointment of Rahm “fuck the Republicans” Emanuel as Obama’s chief of staff, Obama’s insults of Nancy Reagan (typo corrected), Democrats beginning talk of “bailing out” the three auto makers, the return of the Clinton-gang as chief economic advisers to the administration, liberal congressmen wanting to push less liberal Democrats off of committee chairs, all I have to say is:


The new flag of the Republican minority.

For a good read on how to “Block the Liberal Agenda”, read Kimberly Strassel’s WSJ column.

  • The SOB Alliance along with the Wide Awakes Radio, and Conservative Pimp groups are all discussing this very idea. Some of us including myself have taken liberties to borrow your flag designs if that is ok with you.

    My colors are raised and I’m ready for battle…


  • Thanks, Gribbit.

    I wanted to say this flag is as much a warning to over-reaching Dems as it is to those Republicans who have failed to heed the core tenants of this party:

    fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and government accountability

    This flag represents our going back to basics.

  • Mind if I borrow that, as well?

  • Anyone who wants can use this. It would be cool if you linked, but I’ll understand if you don’t. What’s more important is advocating for the founding principles that have made, and continue to make, this country great.

  • MB

    I was kind of hoping to see this place take up the cause of an intelligent way forward for the Republican Party.

    Ah well.

  • MB,

    Since your whole election of Obama was based on the word “Change” emotion and no real solid ideas other than “Bush is bad” I am not sure yhou should throw stones.

    Oh, and heaven forbid we Republicans have some fun with our newly found minority status.

    Chill out… Plus aren’t you supposed to be lighting candles around the Alter of Obama you most likely have set up in your living room?


  • MB —

    How is “fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and government accountability” not intelligent?

    The entirety of my posts on this blog are likely to be devoted to furthering those basic tenants. If I see things in the new Congress and Administration that do not further those core principles, then I’m going to say so.

    Besides, as SW said, it’s in fun.

  • Hey Pelosi! Get me a beer, wench!

  • Jim, you know what happened to most pirates in the end, right? 🙂

    You know, with the Dem’s in control of both Congress and the White House, maybe a variation on this classic may be more appropriate.

  • Shane McNulty

    Wow guys, he isn’t even sworn in and you’re already talking about impeaching the guy and how he’s wrecking the country.

    Look, you guys wrecked it for 8 years, let him wreck it for the next 4. Fair is fair, right?

    Oh and JR, the last name of your idol is spelled Reagan not Raegan.

  • Gee, thanks for the intelligent commentary, Shane. I’m sure you’ve never made a typo.

    Also, who the heck said anything about impeachment?

    Regardless, I have no “idols” in politics. However, I do respect and admire those that defend liberty, promote accountability in government, and act in a way that is fiscally responsible.

    Let’s just say that I have not enjoyed the past eight years much either. But he was certainly better than a Gore or Kerry alternative.

  • Shane McNulty

    Hey hey relax I was just bustin’ your chops there. I just thought it was funny that -that- name was the one that got misspelled. I mean, really, for conservatives, if not for yourself, Reagan is an idol.

    But I do question your take on “defend liberty, promote accountability in government, and act in a way that is fiscally responsible” as if these are traits somehow on lock by a Republican or conservative view.

    I’m absolutely all in favor of that despite my more liberal leanings. In fact, I’d wager a guess if you questioned everyone who posts on this board, no matter their political beliefs, they’d agree with you 100% on those philosophies. And believe me, I DO expect the Obama presidency to hold true to those same philosophies… and should they fail to do so, yes I will be disappointed.

    In the MEANTIME, something the Obama presidency is already doing that I am rather curious about, you guys have seen the website right? Well as of Friday there was the entire Agenda posted detailing the Obama administration’s stance on every issue from firearms to taxes to foreign relations. Well yesterday, all that information was all removed. The link to the “Agenda” is still present, but all its contents are missing.

    You can still find some of them if you do a search on Google and use the “cached” link.. I just don’t know why the Obama administration would yank that down after it was rather publicly posted before.

  • Shane McNulty

    OH sorry I also forgot to mention about the impeachment charge… there’s a Facebook group with over 6000 members already pushing for it. It’s funny, in that pretty sad, pathetic kind of way.

    I mean I don’t disagree that Obama’s gonna make some mistakes, he does after all have some incredibly massive big time bad issues to confront. But I’m willing to give him a crack at it and will reserve judgement till his actions are officially made.

    By the way, I know you guys might be hating that word “hope” right about now and dismissing it as a naive, dreamy trance-like state to be in. But I’m very sincere with my hope for a Republican renevation. Despite my liberal views I do recognize the value of a true loyal opposition offering a different (if not better) view to the party in power. The Republicans will be back, new, refreshed with a better message than they’ve had for the past 8 years and I’m looking forward to that day.

  • Mark

    What DOES the GOP stand for anymore other than F the Democrats? Seriously, no ideas were offered by McCain other than “I’m not Bush” and Obama has a funny name/ is a communist/ but, communism is ok when you need to nationalize banks – and there sure as hell weren’t any ideas offered by Ms. “how many countries are in North America?” Palin…

    Y’all need to decide if you are going to be the angry party which isn’t sure what they stand for anymore, or if you are actually going to adopt some ideas b/c until the GOP does, this approach will guarantee that Americans continue to deny the GOP any trust with their government.

    I for one hope you get your bearings and start presenting ideas and acting as a loyal opposition to the Democrats. But, I guess the ball’s in your court…

  • Mark

    Jim –

    Also, the party of “fiscal responsibility” led us to the worst deficits in our nation’s history.

    The party of “individual liberty” introduced spying on American citizens without a warrant.

    The party of “government accountability” has a convicted Senator, convicted congressmen, has blocked ethics investigations, pardoned a convicted member of Cheny’s inner circle, and has rewarded ineptitude at every turn – even when those mistakes cost American lives.

    What DOES the GOP stand for?

  • Mark —

    From the party that has used Buck Fush, rethugs, Rahm Emmanuel who plunges his knife into a table screaming “DEAD” while listing the defeated Republicans, Hurricane Katrina, the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan, a mortgage crisis created by their own policy makers in the late 1990s, and a consistent diet of vitriol from their own progressive blogosphere — the idea of a “loyal opposition” rings awful hollow.

    Two years. We took back congress in 1994, we’ll take it back in 2010.

  • Actually, I believe during the “knife in the table” incident, most of the names he shouted were those of Democrats (opponents in Bill Clinton’s primary).

  • Shane McNulty


    Before you throw out a random date you will somehow reign victorious, don’t you think you should take some time and figure out exactly how that’s gonna happen?

    I don’t believe you guys are so far out of the game you can’t (or won’t) get back into it, but you guys have no clue what’s going on right now.

    And I’ll point out, if you think the idea of “loyal opposition” rings hollow, that’s only because of your own cynicism. I believe many people like myself of liberal leanings have come to Bearing Drift and offered just that. I think if you read a vast majority of the liberal posts on here by me and others you will find very very few “talking points” and instead actual comments relating to substance. You might disagree with the substance and that’s fine.. but it’s not name-calling and mere finger pointing.

  • Does anyone think without Obama and Warner holding his hand at the top of the ticket that Little Glenn Nye carries the top of the ticket here in 2010?

  • MB

    Jim, I don’t see how you can say, with any amount of seriousness, that “fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and government accountability” are core tenets of the GOP. They may be *your* core tenets, but if they ever were those of the GOP, it wasn’t in either of our lifetimes. To pretend otherwise almost guarantees that the GOP will continue down the path it’s on – pleasing the joyfully ignorant while working hard to manipulate the levers of gov’t to fill the coffers of its favored industries.

    Further, it must be some quick-onset amnesia right there, trying to hang the pleas coming out of Detroit as something new and uniquely Democratic.

  • Shane —

    Objectively, few are going to seriously argue that the Democratic Party hasn’t (1) been hijacked by it’s most progressive elements, and (2) that namecalling and vitriol haven’t been the two weapons employed consistently since 2000.

    Now not knowing me, I don’t see how “cynicism” as a charge is anything but cynical in and of itself. OTOH, I do take most folks at face value… so I certainly appreciate the idea of working with and discussing amongst others who operate and govern intelligently.

    …but you’ve got to admit. You (and a handful of others) are certainly bucking an eight-year trend amongst Democrats!

    The bottom line is this: In 1992, the Democrats succeeded in pushing none of their policy agenda, precisely because the Republicans galvanized themselves after a very wishy-washy, moderate, and abysmally-run Bush 41 campaign. Statistics generally show that unlike the Democrats (who need to run to the center to win), Republicans generally rely upon motivating their base.

    Given the immediate policy initiatives the Obama presidency intends to pursue with the 111th Congress (FOCA, yet another stimulus package, an auto industry bailout, a mortgage industry “bailout”, the expulsion of moderate Dems from committee chairs, Emmanuel as COS) it wouldn’t shock any outside observer to say that the Dems have no intentions of working with the “loyal opposition” at all.

    Given this… Republicans will do what traditionally we have done best in the minority — oppose expansions in government, oppose tax hikes on American families, support and defend our nation’s military readiness, defend the 2nd Amendment, and demand limited government.

    True, we have a lot of work to do within our own party. And true again, the way the progressives did this within the Democratic Party over the last eight years is deplorable, and will wear off quickly. And truer still, the Democratic high tide is against us.

    All this having been said, Republicans have shown a remarkable resiliency to overcome Democratic surges. Nixon in ’68, Reagan in ’80, the Republican Revolution in ’94 — all on the heels of near insurmountable circumstances (Kennedy, Watergate, and the Clinton hat-trick).

    Believe me. It won’t take long to sort out what we want and push. Just because it took the Dems eight years to do it means little to the GOP. We’re just better at bouncing back as an institution, that’s all.

    My US$0.02.

  • I’m not going to be able to add much to what Shaun wrote here, well stated.

    However, I will say that Mark is correct (partially) in that, over time, Republicans have notoriously lost the ball when it comes to advocating core principles.

    If he took the time to read my last comment, he would see that I mentioned I was not a fan of the past eight years — and he knows this. As usual, my esteemed friend gets behind a keyboard and then seems to lose his sense of balance.

    The reality, as Shaun said, Republicans do regroup after defeats and advocate the things we’re all hoping to see.

    I would suspect, in the minority, the GOP will work with Democrats who are calling for tax cuts, domestic energy expansion, prudent national defense, social security reform, and a host of others.

    However, it should come as no surprise that Republicans who care about their party will come back to their roots and recommit to those principles which have given us electoral success in the past.

    The reality is that being conservative WORKS for the GOP. Unfortunately, when it does, we get people into the party who dilute and corrupt the message, to the point that it dissolves in defeat. And, like gluttons for punishment, core conservatives in their desire to see greater majorities, allow it to happen.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    It’s a wicked cycle.

    It’s time to break the cycle.

  • novamiddlman

    Shaun et all

    Get over yourselves the base has shrunk you cant win running a base strategy. See 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

    Some reality checks from the sunday talk shows this morning

    We have Eric Cantor saying first of all the americans want the government to fix problems and then in the same breath he says he wants to shrink problems. Talk about conflicted priorities how he can say that with a straight face is beyond me.

    There is a real chance of losing the 18-29 year old generation. From reading you guys most of you seem to have come of age during the Regan Years if something isn’t changed quick an entire generation will be lost to the dems.

    According to Geroge Will over 80% of the Republican vote came from white voters. Where are the plans to increase diversity support.

    To be clear I am not claiming to have the answers. I need to make it clear however that business as usual will not fly. Eric Cantor is not the type of person we need in leadership. Things are alot different know and yall need to adapt or risk becoming a permanent minority party.

  • Comments sections sometimes annoys me… No one is allowed to have any sort of fun and there is so much smarmy-ness, it is like being stuck in a coffee house during spoken word, MMMAAAANNN.

    I am starting to like the posts only and find myself skipping the comments. That saddens me, but since SOME people only care about tit for tat, it is more often than not trite

    Until then, lighten up and watch this (but some of you will most likely not get it)

  • No one is saying business as usual.

    How am I not being clear here?

    Maybe I’m wrong, and if so, that’s life….but I feel most Americans want their liberty, limited government intrusion in their daily lives, a common defense, and policies which protect and promote commerce.

    Republicans who advocate those policies, will be doing well. If we go towards government hand-outs, redistribution of wealth, and centralized control, what’s the point of even singing the “Star Spangled Banner” anymore?

    It won’t be the “land of the free and home of the brave”….more or less the “land of the dependent and the home of the handout”.

    Where is individual freedom and personal responsibility? Where did our ethics go?

    If the younger generation feels that these are ephemeral principles, then we have bigger problems than mere politics.

  • NoveMiddleMan —

    Two points:

    There is a real chance of losing the 18-29 year old generation. From reading you guys most of you seem to have come of age during the Regan Years…

    Guess again. Folks voted Obama because they were tired of being sold the middle-of-the-road, softshoed, watered down idea of “vision” that the GOP has told itself it needed in order to stay in power and govern well since 2000.

    Did it work?

    To be clear I am not claiming to have the answers. I need to make it clear however that business as usual will not fly. Eric Cantor is not the type of person we need in leadership. Things are alot different know and yall need to adapt or risk becoming a permanent minority party.

    We preached the same things to the Dems in 2000 and 2004. Did that work either?

    The bottom line is that you stand for something or you stand for nothing. To paraphrase Chesterton, conservative values haven’t been tried and found wanting. They simply haven’t been tried.

    The question will be whether or not we do it in the same manner that the progressives managed to do it over the last 8 years. Frankly, they are going to find out very quickly that their new-found majority is built on the sand of emotion, vitriol, and garbage for ideas.

    Time to challenge their ideas wholesale. I give us two years… then we’re back in the Congressional saddle.

  • CP

    “I do respect and admire those that defend liberty, promote accountability in government, and act in a way that is fiscally responsible.”

    Which is why you go out of your way to attack local candidates that have those virtues? At least be honest… you don’t care so much about a politician’s policies as you care about a politician’s party affiliation.

  • In response to this

    “Given this… Republicans will do what traditionally we have done best in the minority — oppose expansions in government, oppose tax hikes on American families, support and defend our nation’s military readiness, defend the 2nd Amendment, and demand limited government.”

    Why is the GOP base “shrinking”?

    I believe it is because the GOP leadership fails to govern by voting to enforce opposing expansions in government, opposing tax hikes on American families, and supporting and demand limited government.

    The GOP machine seems far too focused on simply winning elections and gives far too little concern to Republican majorities actually delivering what they promise voters – thus their “base” feels abandoned and they wander off, with no party that actually represents the core values the GOP “base” believe in.

    John McCain was not a conservative – he was a “centerist” or “moderate” which is really another way of hidding the fact that he supports a Liberal agenda along with some of the conservative agenda.

    Locally, the GOP party leadership wholeheartedly supports RINOs like Ken Stolle or Marty Williams and they wonder why their “base” is shrinking?

    The road forward isn’t simply making a lot of promises the GOP will not deliver, it is actually doing what is promised and it is running candidates that don’t promise a Leftist agenda in order to appeal to the “center” and fill the “big tent”.

    Ask Jim Gilmore – does keeping his promise about doing away with the Car Tax matter?

    Why did Democrat Mark Warner have a lot of GOP members of the VA House & Senate backing him instead of Jim Gilmore?

    Why did the GOP accept RINO Will Sessoms who openly endorsed Mark Warner instead of Jim Gilmore and distributed flyers that gave the impression that he supported Barack Obama?

    Why does the GOP allow this?

    Becuase they are not focused on the old party core principles. Instead they focus on doing whatever they think will fool the public into voting for them or in running RINOs as candidates because they are good fund raisers.

    Because the GOP political pundants and consultants all believe that the only path to winning an election is to “shift towards the middle” and go after “moderates” and “swing voters”.

    Of course, the poltical leadership thinks their conservative “base” will still vote for such choices as long as they have a “R” by their name.

    But, the GOP “base” is shrinking… why is that?

    I believe it is because the leadership of the GOP fails to insist that those that where the GOP brand govern in keeping with the core principles of opposing expansions in government, opposing tax hikes on American families, and supporting and demand limited government.

    The GOP “base” doesn’t want to be forced to vote for “moderates”. The GOP base wants to vote for candidates that will actually deliver smaller government and lower taxes.

    The core of the GOP doesn’t support Socialism and that includes massive “bail out bills” deceptively called “rescue plans”.

    Why did John McCain vote yes to the bail out and massive DEBT it will add?

    Becuase he wanted to appeal to the “center”, right?

    He lost – right?

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  • John Harvie

    Ried G. NAILED IT!!!

  • novamiddleman

    First thanks for the responses

    Why do we keep losing then

    2001 Earley was a conservative
    2005 Kilgore was a conservative
    2006 Allen was a huge conservative
    2007 Senate Conservatives in VB/HR and others
    2008 Ok McCain wasn’t a conservative

    For the majority of voters who promised them a higher tax cut. Obama. (I know its not a done deal but it will happen)

    ignoring 2008 for a second we have lost all 3 of the past cycles running on the conservative business as usual platform.

    We lost the senate because we hap coservatives primarying perfectly decent incumbants

    Look I agree more with conservative ideas than liberal ones but the fact is you CAN’T win by ONLY APPEALING to conservatives just like you can’t win by only appealing to liberals. I guess we have to keep losing elections for you guys to understand this.

    The House of Delegates is known as the party of no. We could start by actually having some ideas come from that chamber. It looks like McDonnel understands that you need to campaign in the whole state and that we need some ideas. Hopefully they can be fully flushed out so we can actually campaign on some specifics this time.

  • nova – I think an argument can be made that Conservative ideals don’t just appeal to the “base”. They have universal appeal if the champions truly stand by and work for them. The problem has been for years that “Conservatives” aren’t walking the walk and the Party that was swept into power on these universal ideals has not fought for them as they promised. When the Party rediscovers its roots and the people who are willing to fight for them, then it can succeed again.

  • CP-
    Who or what are you referring to?

  • Did the GOP deliver less taxes and smaller government in the Commonwealth of Virginia between 2000 and 2007?


    But they did:

    1. Support unconstitutional regional taxing authorities in NORVA and Tidewater. Kilgore ran on a platform of creating regional taxing authorities, Kaine opposed them. Kaine got my vote because of this.

    2. Voting for a massive increase in the state budget and spending.

    3. Failed to provide a real solution for transportation that wasn’t really a speculative economic development scheme instead of traffic congestion relief and prioritizing state spending such that new taxes, tolls, and fees were always being supported by the GOP leadership.

    4. Failed to amend the state Constitution to protect the Transportation Trust Fund.

    5. Failed to reduce the size of the state government.

    6. Supported a many RINOs and openly act ed like “Moderates” instead of sticking to core Republican Party prinicples.

    Meanwhile the GOP and President George Bush also increased the size and scope of the Federal Government, running up MASSIVE debt to pay for massive Federal spending. That and spending billions to continue a war in Iraq that was more about spending U.S. Tax Dollars for “nation building” and not defending the United States from Terrorists – to include a failure to close our borders due to “free trade” that wasn’t really fair trade – and cost Americans jobs.

    In addition, many Americans belive that President Bush lied about the reasons for “invading” Iraq (I still feel we Liberated Iraq, not invaded it, but I am in the minority with this viewpoint) and therefore he lost the TRUST of the American people in the GOP.

    Meanwhile, special interests continued to get their way and it appeared to many Conservatives that corruption was allowed to become rampant under the watch of the GOP.

    The same is true in Virignia with Dominion Power and rate hikes. Lobbyists seem to win and the citizens pay.

    Locally, local governments raped homeowners by spending the equity in their over priced housing bubble homes, instead of lower tax rates to offset sky rocketing increases in assessments. And the General Assembly failed to cap the maximum increase to no more than a 5% increase each year.

    The list goes on … but you get the picture.


    2001 Earley was a conservative
    2005 Kilgore was a conservative
    2006 Allen was a huge conservative
    2007 Senate Conservatives in VB/HR and others

    Closer to home:

    RINO Senator Marty Willimams was tossed out of power after 12 years – and with a HUGE war chest and Brian Kirwin as his campaign manager.

    Conservative Tricia Stall was half heartedly supported by the sulking RINO side of the GOP and Brian Kirwin’s campaign attacks on Tricia Stall were used by the Democrats to help Senator John Miller defeat Tricia Stall. Pat Murphy changed sides from supporting Tricia’s campaign to supporting Miller’s campaign. Mike Wade was in open warfare with the RINO powers that be. Bob McDonnel and Bill Bolling did come to the aid of Tricia Stall, but the GOP as a whole did not rally behind her.


    Unelected regional government being crammed down our throats by the GOP and the Dems, but the GOP was out front in support of the unaccontable Regional taxing/government agenda (SB 668 and HB 3202).

    Why? Because of the money donated by the business lobby to buy a YES Vote on all-appointed regional government.

    Face it, the 2002 and 2007 regional transportation train wrecks have a great deal to do with the citizens of Virginia firing the GOP.

    You see, it wasn’t the sales pitch of the campigh that mattered to many of the “conservative base”. It was what the GOP did when they were voting that mattered.

  • What do you want, Reid, an apology?

    I think I’ve spelled out pretty clearly in my recent posts and comments that I agree with you, for the most part.

    Stall’s defeat, though, had many factors.

  • novamiddleman

    This will be my last post

    I think you guys believe that if we return to our conservative roots we will start winning again.

    This assumes one of two things.

    1. Conservatives are staying home.
    2. People that would normally vote Republican are voting Democrat

    I find either one of those scenarios very hard to believe.

    For scenario 1:

    I don’t know any conservatives that would rather have democrats in power

    For scenario 2:

    If people are voting for democrats already do you think moving the party to the right is going to make them suddenly become republicans?

    For me it doesn’t get any clearer than that

    Go McDonnel

  • It depends on what we’re moving to the right on, Nova.

    If we’re moving right on fiscal matters, I think that’s a winning proposition.

  • Steve Thomas

    I don’t disagree with the need to espose Conservative values and principles. The difference between now and then is that we have also not been competent.

    So, I introduce Competent Conservatism to the fold.

    This philosophy:

    -is absolutely fiscally conservative, requiring a rate of growth of government no larger than the rate of population growth

    -espouses a ruthless auditing of government for waste and pork

    -seeks innovation in government to give people good service for less cost

    -keeps its promises, period

    -aggressively uses the web and other means to be instantly reactive and sensitive to the needs of constituents. This is important especially in the suburbs where people want less taxes but effective govt

    -enforces laws and roots out corruption ruthlessly.


  • Good thoughts Steve.

    Novamiddleman, what I said was that the GOP needs to actually support candidates that will actually deliver on the promise of lower taxes and smaller government. What did Obama run on? Tax cuts for the Middle Class! That was an attractive “message” for a whole lot of voters. But … why would anyone expect the GOP to deliver on that promise when they failed to do so when they had the opportunity to do so – especially in Virginia and local politics? At least the DEMS offer voters “HOPE” for change. The GOP has already proven they will not deliver and they continue to back RINOs instead of CHANGING their behavior such that any voter might actually have any real reason to HOPE for change.

    Sarah Palin excitied a lot of conservatives because SHE offered HOPE for change becuase she offered a TRACK RECORD of taking on the GOP and any other corruption she found.

    J. R., I don’t think an apology from you or the leadership of the GOP is really important, nor would I believe it if offered. I am simply discussing the topic. I am pointing out my views. I don’t need an apology, I am hoping perhaps that those of you that want to stick with the losing path the GOP has been following might begin to reconsider the failed strategies of the GOP leadership and begin to realize that the GOP has to CHANGE the way they act – and they need to rid themselves of RINOs, instead of laying out a road map that has its destination as “more moderate”, (i.e. more Liberal) – to pander to voters that do not share the core principles of the Republican Party.

    Here is a novel idea – how about convicing voters that the core priniples of the Republina Party are better than the Socialism, huge governmen, and higher taxes the Democratic Party offers?

    How about convincing people that the GOP will actually deliver on the promised they make – after the election?

    Having John McCain and george Bush ram through the Wall Strret bailout bill is NOT the path forward.

    Votes matter.

  • Mark

    Jim –

    I think what is missing here is your target. I know that you have been disappointed by the turn the GOP took in the last 8 years, but I also know that the aspects of the GOP you disagree with are not limited to the big-government folks in the White House. They had plenty of support from the Republicans in the Congress as well.

    Therefore, I would argue that your target is misplaced. Before the GOP can be the pirates on a liberal Congressional sea, the GOP needs to decide if it stands for big or small government, more or less spending, politicization of civil service jobs, or not, corruption, or fighting corruption. It seems to me that your first target should be ousting the individuals in your midst who run under the GOP banner but act like drunken sailors. Once you have swabbed the deck of these corrupt and corrupting barnacles it will be much easier for the GOP to find its bearings, form a message – which is supported by the membership – and attack the other party.

    Until then all the GOP seems to offer is empty statements about the very issues you hold dear.

  • Mark and Reid,
    Please see comment #2 way at the beginning of this thread:

    I wanted to say this flag is as much a warning to over-reaching Dems as it is to those Republicans who have failed to heed the core tenants of this party:

    fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and government accountability

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  • Well Jim, I love your effing flag. I think I’ll even fly it at my next county GOP meeting just for kicks! Spotsylvania remained RED by the way.

    Two year of Obamanomics is all we need to re-ignite the base and welcome our dazed and confused bretheren of the left into the newly invigorated flock.

    Buyer’s remorse will set in a lot sooner though.

  • novamiddlman


    Totally agree on the fiscal conservatisim

    McCain said tax cuts for the top 5% he will pay for everything by eliminating earmarks

    Obama said tax cuts for the other 95% and explained how he will pay for things via offsets

    and not suprisingly Obama won

    It remains to be seen whether Obama keeps his promise but if he gets close to a balanced budget like Clinton did I honestly see no reason any fiscal conservative would stay in the Republican party.

    Enough of that I am 110% on board with McDonnell for governor

  • Clark Seydel

    Haha, swords. That is perfect for the repubs. Too bad they treat bombs like toys. Thats it you should have put bombs on there. hahaha. You people make people with brains laugh. Good job

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